Knitspiration: Fall 2007

Knitspiration: Fall 2007
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I love fall. I know, it’s not fall. But, in the knit world it’s certainly starting to seem like fall. And for a girl who can’t stand summer, that’s good enough for me.
I’ve collected a bunch of patterns here that are speaking to me somehow — either a detail that I love, or a silhouette, or clever construction.
Or in the case of the man in the kilt, just because he makes me so, so happy.
I’ve typed up a lot of details in Flickr, but here are the highlights from my fall knitting world:

  • love love love texture. can’t get enough of it this season
  • was there a sale at the alpaca farm? have alpacas suddenly become extra fertile? there’s a lot of alpaca out there (berroco, rowan, ryc, just to name a few). am i the only one who has little interest in making garments out of alpaca? it’s heavy. it has no memory. it’s hotter than hell. the blends are just barely better. someone please enlighten me.
  • colorwork is a close second in my obsessions, although i haven’t found much inspiration yet. i’m thinking a few colorwork mitts are in order.
  • i tried really hard not to pick anything just because i want to knit it. if i wouldn’t buy it RTW, then it didn’t make it on the list. same goes with colors this season. christy and i just talked about this on saturday. she mentioned there was talk of this topic in a “why do you knit socks” discussion on the stash and burn group on ravelry. someone said she could knit any kind of sock she wanted without diluting her fashion sense. great reasoning if you ask me — it satisfies the urge to knit something quirky without being embarassed if one of your coworkers or that cute neighbor next door sees you

So what are you thinking about for fall? What’s inspiring you? What can’t you get out of your mind?
Need more details on what I’ve pictured? Go check out my full flickr set.

34 thoughts on “Knitspiration: Fall 2007

  1. That’s a great list!
    I’m also inclined to not use alpaca. My first sweater was made with an alpaca blend, and it’s so warm I can’t wear it indoors.
    Yeah, that’s probably one of the (unconscious until now) reasons I love socks. The sweaters I like to wear are much more simple than my socks!

  2. Great post! And I agree with you about alpaca, I hate it. I think people like it because it cheap and really soft, I’ve heard it referred to as “poor man’s cashmere”…
    As for fall knitting, I’ve already started! I’m liking the new Twinkle design in the latest VK, and I’ve got lots of images ripped out of magazines that I want to copy, eventually…

  3. LOVED your montage! And I agree with you, it is so hard to find stuff that is fun to knit AND wear. You said it perfectly when you talked about diluting your fashion sense. But you picked out some winners!
    I agree about the alpaca…I keep wanting to love it, but just can’t. Too hot!

  4. great list, Jody!
    I like alpaca for accessories but nothing more than that due to lack of fiber memory and the damn heat!
    After knitting a few sweaters that I never wear, I realized that I like to wear mostly simple sweaters, so with a handful of exceptions (my Celtic Dreams in progress most notably) I now try to knit simple patterns for myself. I definitely do the fun stuff with socks/mittens/etc.
    CD is an exception because it is an enjoyable somewhat technical knit. If I end up not wearing it, I’m pretty sure someone will (but I think I just might be able to do it, I love it that much — but I never would have bought it RTW). Even if no one ever wears it, it will have been worth it. Which I can’t say about everything.

  5. It pleases me that you also like that crazy, off-the-shoulder Louet ad sweater. It had forgotten about my love for it until I saw it again on flickr. Must have. With scoopneck.
    Have you seen the Inga hat? Pretty, pretty colorwork that’s on my to-knit list. There’s also a pair of stranded mittens in the Natural Knitter book that I’ve had my eye on.

  6. I’ve got yarn for a fair isle pullover burning a hole in the yarn wall! I’d really love to cast on immediately, but it’s way too hot to work on that right now, so socks and such it is. I’ll have to satisfy my colorwork craving there.

  7. I think alpacas are cheap to raise, at least compared to sheep. I went to an alpaca farm this spring, and found that for every cute alpaca at Maryland Sheep & Wool/Rhinebeck/etc, there’s a good 10 hideous ones. And watch it – they bite!
    I also find alpaca terribly scratchy. Hate it.

  8. That Stitch Diva cardi is on my fall list. Right now, I am loving vests for some reason. I have no idea why. But I a lot of your fall to knits are going on my fall to knit queue. Great selections.

  9. Like kelp!, I have also secretly eyed that Louet flashdance sweater in ads for a while! I have never attempted it, though, because off-the-shoulder is really not something I can pull off. Good luck! If you make major mods, please post them! :)

  10. I’ve only knit one thing from an alpaca blend…I wouldn’t say I hate it, but the little fibers get in my eyes causing me great discomfort. Of course, I still have many balls left over.
    I love your list! The three things you have from the IK are patterns I have my eye on. I’ve also been toying with the though of starting in on some fall knitting myself. Even though it’s 80-90 degrees, I want to be ready when the weather cools off! Maybe I’ll start with the sleeves…

  11. I love your list! so many great textured things so far, and I haven’t even seen much. I really love that RYC cardi – very cute! And the Rowan curtain even, which I keep trying to convince myself to downsize and do as a stole.
    I disagree on alpaca… I love it because it’s so, so very soft. But I could never do an entire sweater out of it. It’s for scarves or wraps only!

  12. Wow, lots of great stuff here. Thanks for sharing.
    Personally, I like very simple shapes and styles – stuff that I can imagine wearing. That’s why I tend towards IK instead of VK for example.
    As for alpaca, I’m with you. I don’t really like wearing it – heavy, plus there are stiff fibers that poke through. I have a design that’s coming up in the winter issue of IK that uses Blue Sky’s Alpaca & silk and that seems to be better than pure alpaca. But my favorite alpaca is Blue Sky’s Royal Alpaca. That is the only alpaca I’ve seen that doesn’t seem as rough. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty pricey!

  13. I know it comes as no great surprise, but I have many of these same patterns on my queue :)
    But it does seem that we differ in one other way: I love working with alpaca!

  14. For me: finally starting on and finishing my darn Rogue!! I can’t wait to have that sweater, i’ve only wanted to knit myself one for years…sheesh. =)

  15. Wow, what a collage! Beautiful images, makes me hunger for fall!
    The two on the top right are screaming my name. Unfortunately I know I can’t knit as fast as I want to, and I already have yarn for Eris, so that’ll probably take me all winter to make.
    Still.. beautiful, beautiful fall :)

  16. Alpaca? Feh! Well, I’m really allergic to it but even if I weren’t unless you live in Siberia, I just don’t get it. I’ve even seen tanks and shells knit in alpaca!!! Are you kidding me????
    I love the Minimalist Cardi and I’ll take two of the guy in the kilt :)

  17. I love the pictures! I’m so ready for fall sweaters, even though I won’t be able to fit into any my favorites. I’m thinking that #3 would be a great prenancy sweater.

  18. yes, yes, yes, no, no, Hell yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, YES, yes, yes, maybe, yes, yes, yes (and you are right).

  19. I have to say I am one of the few that likes alpaca, but you are right about the lack of elasticity, As my house is always cool during the summer and really cold during the winter alpaca is okay for me. My hubby also works underground and gets really cold during the fall and winter so alpaca is ideal for him as well. But to be honest I have yet to knit with it, but I have a really nice collection! I envision either using it for shawls or mix alpaca with wool for better wearing.
    I have been working with Ultra-Alpaca from Berroco and LOVE IT! Not only does it knit well, but I am planning on knitting some textured sweaters this fall in it.
    I have gotten the Vogue and Interweave for fall and I am more interested in the Interweave this year. There are a few pieces in Vogue that have piqued my interest, but silver turns me off.

  20. all that great inspiration – there are some amazing patterns for fall that are out. I look at patterns mostly for wear ability and what I may like to knit – I’m not going to spend loads on yarn and oodles of time knitting something I wont’ want to wear all the time!
    As for socks – that is exactly why I love them!!!!

  21. Yeah, I’m not much into alpaca either. When I was first introduced to alpaca, I was a bit gaga over it, but after buying an alpaca scarf that was far too warm, I just can’t knit with it. It’s really warm, I just can’t do it.

  22. Thanks for the flickr set — it was a great way to check out a bunch of projects at once. I too am loving all this texture!

  23. Oh finally someone that doesn’t like alpaca! That stuff makes me itch like nothing else. And most yarns I have used with it shed. Like mad. Itchy nose clogging little alpaca fibres.

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