Falling In Love Again

At some point with every sweater project, I lose interest. The same old color and stitch pattern just does me in. I find myself daydreaming about something new — lace! smaller needles! a scarf! bamboo needles! pink!
If it wasn’t for Rhinebeck I’m sure I’d have put aside St Brigid for a timeout — inevitably to be finished another year. But since I’ve publicly declared I’ll be wearing St Brigid, and since I really want to, I’m not quitting.
But I did need to pump myself up about this sweater again.

St Brigid: Finding the Love

I pinned together the front-in-progress and the back so I could try it on.
There were a few nagging concerns I had about sizing:

  • Would it be wide enough? I made it a little wider than most of my sweaters to compensate for the thick cables, but would it be enough? I want a well-fitting sweater, not a hug-my-curves sweater.
  • Was the length good?
  • Did I choose a good armhole depth?

I’m happy to report Yes! Yes! and Looking Good!
The width and length are great. The armholes look good (the armhole goes higher than my bra), but until I have the front done it’s hard to know for sure. I had to guess where the back would sit on my body to compensate for the to-be-knit saddles.
While I’d be lying if I told you I still wasn’t yearning to knit something lacy, pink and on smaller bamboo needles, I can say I’m ready to tackle the rest of the front. Wish me luck? Hopefully I’ll be back soon with a finished front.

30 thoughts on “Falling In Love Again

  1. keep on, girl! i know what you mean about getting bored with something mid-project… but the reward is going to be an awesome sweater AND fiber overdosing in October.

  2. Yay! Glad to hear you’re pleased with the fit. And you can have something pink and lacey on the sticks soon. Well, as soon as you finish this…

  3. You MUST finish this sweater, it’s far too pretty to languish in the back of your closet unfinished.
    On a side note, I shudder to think how many UFO’s you have Jody :)

  4. Good luck, Jody! I’ve found that having a design deadline is one of the only ways I can actually finish knits. I can’t tell you how many UFOs (it’s really embarrassing actually) I have. I used to feel really guilty about it, but I’ve since chalked it up to the knitting experience. Glad everything about St Brigid so far is making you happy :)

  5. Oh, yes, I remember St. Brigid’s time-out! And it was with no enthusiasm that I picked it up again, but one row and then another… at some point I realized that I was on the downhill slide and boy, did I pick up a head of steam!! This part where you’re slogging through really won’t last long. I admire you for sticking with it!!!

  6. oooh – I can’t wait to see it! That is a great way to invigorate sweater knitting – try it on! it’s so hard knitting all the parts separately. you don’t really get a feel for what it will be!

  7. Honestly, deadline or not, I could not knit that much gorgousness as quickly as you have. It looks great and I can not wait to see it in all its pretty well-fitting glory next month.

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