I think I can I think I can…

St Brigid: body

After a marathon knitting session yesterday, and a marathon seaming session this morning, all that’s left is the hood.
I’m feeling a big relief now that:

  • the sleeves are knit
  • the sleeve caps fit
  • the saddles are knit and look good
  • i’ve tried it on without the use of pins and it still fits!
  • i have almost 3 hanks left so i can’t possibly run out of yarn
  • the only finishing work that remains is to graft the hood — and I like grafting!

Someone must be on my side because I finished knitting the sleeves at 11:30 last night. By the time they soaked and got rung out and on the blocking board it was midnight. I left the ceiling fan on high overnight, and by 6 am they were bone dry. No kidding, they were completely dry.
I’m looking forward to knitting the hood — two “small” cables and a huge span of stockinette. My hands will certainly thank me (I think cabling without a cable needle is harder on my hands).
I have lots more to share about how I calculated the sleeves, but I’ve already taken a 2.5 hour break. I’m still hopeful I’ll finish the hood tonight, and since I still have some shopping to do as well as getting a hair cut, buying a pair of prescription sunglasses, laundry and dyeing my hair myself, I best finish tonight or I’ll have to start crossing things off my list. We leave for Rhinebeck Thursday after work, so there’s not much time left.
The payoff though — a full day on Friday at the cottage with the girls.

50 thoughts on “I think I can I think I can…

  1. Holy St. Brigid! Where the hell have I been? Don’t answer that! To me, it looks like you’ve just started and there is the most amazing sweater. I cannot wait to see it done.
    Have an amazing time at Rhinebeck.

  2. Oh, hooray! I’m glad you were able to get so much done this weekend!
    I like that picture of it, too. It looks so dramatic against the black and white background.

  3. So beautiful. Can’t wait to see more. I’m so glad you were able to accomplish so much this weekend; I knew you’d be able to finish in time if you really wanted to.

  4. WOW – that’s simply beautiful! I can’t wait to see the finished product. I love the colour, the cabling, the shape, the EVERYTHING. Good luck – and go go go!

  5. i LOVE that photo! you’ve got a great eye for photographs.
    i can’t wait to pet your sweater (with or without you in it)! it looks sumptuously gorgeous.

  6. This is a beautiful sweater. I’m always impressed with the way your garments fit. And, I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. What a gorgeous sweater – truly stunning! Your cablework is perfect, so professional! Have a wonderful time wearing it a Rhinebeck, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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