bias scarf

bias scarf

One of the great things about my latest revelation is that I get to go shopping in my stash. It’s a great way to get my creativity going.
I’ve had this yarn since MDSW 2005. It’s so old it’s not even in the fest stash sidebar! I think when I bought it the Clapotis craze was at a high and I envisioned this as a second Clapotis. But I’ve learned by now that there are *very* few patterns I will choose to knit more than once. Still, this yarn is *gorgeous* and I’m shocked it’s stayed in my stash for two and a half years.
I still wanted the bias look and the single strand of yarn showing through, like it does with the dropped stitches of Clapotis. I must have tried six different stitch patterns before settling on the one you see here. It’s patterned every row so the yarnovers show as single strands, and the offset k2togs give it a bias look too.
bias scarf

I do like the way the back looks, although I think the RS is the star with its strong knit stitches forming a diagonal. Still, I’m happy that the back looks acceptable, since a scarf will inevitably show its WS when you least expect.
bias scarf: edge

Christy have no fear, there is something I do want to change (I don’t like to disappoint you!). The edge is all wrong. It’s not deep enough and it may also be too dense. I do like how it flares out a bit though, as well as the knitted cast on and the few rows of garter at the edge.
Once I’m done knitting the center portion I’ll snip off the edge and figure out something else. Which, if everything goes as planned, should be later this week. I want to get past the 30 mark in number of skeins decreased in the stash during November.

14 thoughts on “bias scarf

  1. Thanks for keeping me in mind.
    I’m very curious about the stitch pattern. My mom has been hinting about wanting me to make her a scarf for a few years and I have some red yarn in the stash but haven’t been able to settle on anything. Is this from a Barbara Walker book?

  2. oh i love this yarn!!! Don’t you just love stash busting? Anytime I go in to “re-organize” I find myself finding things I have forgotten about.

  3. Your combination of yarn, color, and pattern is perfection. That is just gorgeous, and I want to make one! Will you make the pattern available?

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    Thank you so much for your future answers :p. Langdon.

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