I’ve been working on lots of projects this week. It’s been fun to play with different yarns, needles, and colors. I’m not certain that all three projects will stick, but that’s OK. Sometimes the experimentation is all that I need.
And, they’re all out of stash yarn, so all it cost me was a few hours’ time.


On the right in the bright orange is the almost garter scarf by Norah Gaughan (free pattern on her blog). I’m alternating 2 shades of Tess laceweight (held doubled) and plan to use all 7 shades. The next shade to use is that fuchsia color just above it. Not the most riveting project but I’m really looking forward to the FO. I can’t wait to see what the whole thing looks like when it’s done.
On the bottom in seed stitch is a swatch for Roam. I saw Diana’s WIP and I had to blatantly copy her. The swatch is in Araucania Nature Wool in berry.
And finally, the colorwork is the Latvian Fingerless Mitts from Veronik Avery’s Knitting Classic Style. I loved this one immediately and bought the yarn for it while working on St. Brigid. However, my tension is too tight so I’ll have to restart. I don’t think I have the heart to rip this though, so I’ll just put it in my swatch drawer as a gentle reminder to go up a needle size for colorwork.

9 thoughts on “wipped

  1. Nice assortment of projects. I really want to make those mitts as well. What yarn are you using? Will you just go up a needle size or do you need to change yarns as well?

  2. Goodness! All so pretty. :) I love the colorwork. Are you doubling the yarn for the scarf? I think I’d go nuts knitting a laceweight garter scarf otherwise!

  3. a great selection! some colorwork, some basics and a great hoodie (yay hoodies!) I have to go up a size for colorwork also – I tend to hold the yarn a bit tighter when I knit with 2 hands!

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