FO: Wedding Shawl

The shawl is finished and on its way to the bride!
Since it’s a surprise, pics and the post are behind the cut.

Wedding Shawl: Mosaic

I made this shawl for a good friend for her New Year’s Eve wedding. Her dress is a halter style and this should keep the chill off her.
pattern my own
yarn alchemy haiku in platinum – about 1.5 hanks
dimensions 14″ x 60″ (approx)
needles knit picks options 4.0 mm / US 6
flickr set view it here
I only had about two weeks to knit this, but I still wanted to make sure it had meaning.

  • The central portion is the largest section. It represents their union. The upper and lower half of each motif is similar, and both look better when paired with the other half. They work with each other, at times giving or needing a little support, but always meeting together in the middle.
  • Each edge (cast on and cast off) are scalloped, but they’re both different. Each one represents each spouse as an individual. They have some things in common with each other, but also some striking differences to be appreciated all on their own.
  • And as for my own little superstition (my Italian nana would be so proud!), I was very deliberate not to knit on this when I was stressed, tired or otherwise in a bad or challenging mood. These feelings have a way of creeping into our knitting, and I couldn’t imagine having my friend wrap this shawl around her if it was born out of such negativity. I did however knit on it at our local pub during a Monday night football game. It had a great time and the owner and bartender both oohed and aahed at the shawl. I don’t think she got a big head though.

The yarn was a bit of a challenge for me. Mohair and silk is so lightweight and sticky that I had to be careful not to slip a stitch off my needle when I wasn’t completely looking. I still prefer to knit with fingering weight yarn but really, how can you resist a laceweight for a wedding?
All in all I’ve really enjoyed knitting this piece, and it’s one I could see knitting again for myself (out of a fingering weight yarn instead). The blocking worked its typical magic, and I was finally able to use the blocking wires that I got for Christmas last year. Those wires were awesome and made easy work of the few rounds of adjustments to get the blocking just right. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve knit lace of any sort. My my how time flies.

31 thoughts on “FO: Wedding Shawl

  1. Jody, it’s gorgeous. I love the stitch patterns you chose; not too “foofy”, more of an elegant look. It will look amazing with the bride’s halter dress. Definitely heirloom quality, and so meaningful with the symbols and sentiment knitted in.

  2. Yay!! it’s so pretty! I love your interpretations of the pattern. And, i agree…I think knitting soaks up vibes too. I always feel guilty when i’m knitting while angry, sad, grouchy, or resentful…but sometimes I do it anyway because the knitting calms me.

  3. That is worth coming out of lurkdon to say wow! What an amazing and generous and thoughtful thing. I know she’ll appreciate it. Make sure you give it to her before her wedding makeup is applied. you don’t want to be responsible for the havoc of tears.

  4. I was wondering if you are selling thepatteren? I know I’m slow but I was trying to find some and yours showed up…
    It is unbeliveable stunning

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