And now for some real knitting

Soya Yoke
I’m so relieved to have this yoke done. After much experimentation, I have a top down raglan knit in one piece with sleeves and body increasing at different rates — and it works! The neck doesn’t have the flashdance effect, and the armholes are shallow enough to completely cover my bra at the sides. I’m really excited to see the math work!
After I finished knitting my size, I went back and tweaked the other sizes and I think I have it (or am really, really close). The test knitters will tell me for sure in a few weeks. I’ve written out sizes for busts up to size 54, and at that size the neck is just shy of 9 inches wide, and the armhole just 9.5 inches (in fact, right now I’m more concerned that it’s not deep enough, but that will be an easy problem to fix).
I don’t have any test knitters above 48 so I may have to wait until I release the pattern to get feedback. In the meantime, If you’re in the upper sizes (50, 52 or 54 inch bust) and would care to share your preferred armhole depth, please let me know. Leave a comment on this entry, or follow the contact link over at the Knotions blog entry.

8 thoughts on “And now for some real knitting

  1. If I had the experience I would have definatly test knitted a size 48 for you. I really wish that I could have but I definatly don’t feel confident enough in my knitting of a sweater to test knit for you. Anyways I have been reading your blog for a while and am just now posting for the first time I can’t wait to read Knotions I absolutely love getting new patterns and reading articles about new techniques. I am fairly new knitter but am always up for a new challenge.

  2. *Sigh*
    Another popular culture reference that I miss completely. I tell you, no matter how good your English is, no matter how much you strive to improve your accent or enlarge your vocabulary, stuff like this will always stump us foreigners. What is the flashdance neck?

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