Outfitting for MDSW

I am *so excited* to go to MDSW this year! I’ve been counting down for weeks.

I decided it was high time I did a little sewing. Much knitting has been happening (nothing I can blog about just yet) so a morning with the sewing machine was a nice break.
Every time I sew I’m reminded why I love it so much — it’s SO FAST!! I made a whole bag in just a Sunday morning. I prewashed, dried, cut, sewed, pressed, and even did the clean up (if I don’t clean up right away it’s likely that you’d find the sewing machine on my dining room table a week from now too).
I wanted to carry around something unique and this fits the bill. It’s the Amy Butler In Town Bag and I got the pattern and fabric at Spool — the new fabric store co-owned by Craig (of Loop) and Laura. It’s right next door to Loop so if you’re in the Philly area make sure you check them out. They have one of the nicest selections of fabrics in the area, and have a big, brightly sunlit room in the back for classes.
I followed the pattern except for a couple small changes. I added an interior pocket to hold a pen, notepad and flat wallet, and instead of making the bag flat I gave the bottom some depth to help it sit up better.
To make the bottom I added 1″ to the length of the bottom piece, and 2″ in width to all the bag pieces. The pocket is just a remnant of the bottom fabric. I made it about 9.5″ x 10.5″ and sewed a bunch of topstitching along the top of the pocket to give it some firmness. Then I sewed a channel in the pocket about 1.5″ in to make a small area to hold a pen. The bag is meant to be cinched shut but I don’t like the look so I plan to sew in a magnetic closure instead.
I love this little bag, but the best part of this post has to be MDSW is in 6 days!! Will I see you there?

15 thoughts on “Outfitting for MDSW

  1. LOVE the bag. Oh, no, I don’t need a whole new hobby with a whole new stash, do I?
    Happy belated birthday, too!
    I’ll be at Md on Saturday — hope to see you there!

  2. Love that bag! I can’t believe you made that in one morning! I’m going to MDSW too! I can hardly wait. If I see you and your fab bag, I’ll say hello.

  3. The bag looks great, Jody! The fabric choices really work well.
    I couldn’t find your email addy either, and I was wondering if I could share your photos with my readers?
    Have fun at MDSW! You will be stylin’!

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