Six Squared

Yep, today I turn 36 years old. As someone who doesn’t have much of an affinity for even numbers, I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I realized it’s at least a square — if it’s got to be even, at least make it a square or a power of 2. Not sure what that means when I turn 38 (maybe I’ll turn 37+1?).
This year was different birthday-wise. Since it’s on a Tuesday I knew I wouldn’t be doing too much today, so instead I did a “Birthday Weekend Extravaganza” (BWE for short) and it was great! Dinner at the Melting Pot, shopping at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar (first yarn I bought all year…I think), lunch and drinks at Maggiano’s, and a steak dinner on the grill on Sunday. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had in months. I highly recommend the BWE…it totally makes up for having a birthday on a random Tuesday.
Last year I decided that I would make a decision to change something or do something new in my life with the passing of each new year and each birthday — as a way to try and make permanent, positive changes in my life. They’re things that are really focused on me. For new year 2008 I decided I would eat oatmeal at least 5 days a week (eating a good breakfast is so important) and I’ve mostly kept to that (sometimes it’s a whole grain cereal or farina but that’s still better than a buttered bagel or a fried egg sandwich, or nothing at all so I’m starving by the time lunch rolls around).
For my birthday I’ve decided to get back to wearing makeup every day. I love how I look when I wear makeup, but often I skip it because I feel like I’m in a hurry and it’s the one thing I can cut out of my routine. I started it on Saturday and can I just say — those magazines that say you just need 5 minutes? They’re crazy. I can’t get it down to less than 10 and that’s just a light foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick. I just don’t see how I can do that in 5 minutes. If you have any tips let me know…maybe I’m just out of practice.
This year has already been about so much big change — Knotions has taken up much of my free time, but I absolutely love it. The thing I really miss though is this blog and my Flickr friends. I’m going to have to find a way to get more blogging and photography back into my life because I really miss the camaraderie and friendships that I’ve made with so many people. I suspect it will be a few months before I’ll be able to blog regularly (and by that I’m hoping for once a week here) but I do want to get back to it. I miss you guys! So, even if my posts continue to be infrequent and sporadic for a while, don’t for a moment think I’ve forgotten about you all and this little blog. (and I do have a post brewing about the goodies I got at Rosie’s this weekend…new yarn after over 100 days of no buying…is there anything more exciting?)

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! We’re the same age! (for a month anyway until I turn 37) I love the idea of the BWE – much better than one day!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    I’m glad to hear that you had a great BWE and you’re Big Changes are fun to hear about. Knotions is going to kick ass and I can’t wait to see how it develops!

  3. Happy Birthday! I don’t know what makeup you’re using, but I recently started using Bare Escenturals and it has cut my prep time. Of course, I apply lipstick at red lights, so that helps too!

  4. Happy Birthday Birthday Princess!!! Glad to hear that you celebrated like a rock star! You are awesome!

  5. Happy B-day Jody!! Sounds like you had a super b-day weekend. No tips on quicker makeup here… I only do my eyes, and that by itself takes 5 minutes!

  6. Happy Birthday! As the mom of Tax Day babies, anyone with this day as her birth deserves as many well wishes as she can get. Enjoy the day and have fun with 36! It’s an awesome age (says this 38-year-old).

  7. happy birthday!
    and cut out the lip liner and wear a glossy lip color. sure, it doesn’t stay forever, but no lip product does, really. and it’s easier to just slip on without having to be perfect. and that will cut out at least a minute. 😉
    and if i put make up on in less than 5 minutes it’s only concealer, lip goo, and mascara.

  8. Aw, Happy Birthday!!
    The BWE sounds wonderful (though I know you did some “work” too!) I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!!

  9. perhaps its old news, but i just wanted to say that i’m really exited about this whole knotions thing! i can’t wait to see how it takes shape.
    oh yeah, happy birthday!

  10. happy birthday!!! you did a lot this past year! a lot to be proud of :) sounds like you enjoyed your birthday weekend. i’ll have to have one of those the next time around the sun.

  11. Happy, happy birthday! I never use eyeliner because that one thing along takes me forever to put on! For me, mascara is much quicker and does more for me.
    Next year I’ll have to remember your BWE. That sounds fun!

  12. Happy Birthday! As for makeup, I’m a moisturise, bit of cream blush, dab of powder and lipgloss kind of gal. All that in just under a minute plus it looks quite natural. Of course if I’m off out for an evening then yes I do take longer, but not an awful lot more. I don’t do mascara as I have a nasty habit of picking at it…yes gross but I can’t help it 😉

  13. Happy Birthday, friend!
    I’m with you on the makeup thing. I often skip makeup if I’m in a hurry but I know that it makes a huge difference. In honor of you, I’m wearing makeup today!

  14. Happy Birthday and welcome to the “36-45″ age bracket. It kind of hurts the first time you have to check that one.
    Good for you on the makeup. I do mine in 5 minutes all the time! I don’t do eyeliner or lip liner for everyday knocking around though. I do however use a lipstick like Revlon Colorstay, the kind you paint on and when it dries it lasts a *long* time. I usually put it on about twice a day, then just apply gloss or balm as needed. It does feel dry, but you get used to it. When I do the brows, eyeliner and shadow, I can get it done in 10. Also have to put in a plug for the Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. For me it’s super quick and lasts longer without looking heavy. If you have a store near you, go give it a try.

  15. happy birthday, a coupla days later!!! good goals. i found that when i got my new glasses, i started wearing eye makeup more often and like you, i enjoy the way i look in it.
    i’m really excited to see the first patterns for Knotions!

  16. Psst. . . all the hottest chicks are 36 this year, so I hear.
    I have a question for you. I’ve been cleaning up my blog sidebar a bit, moving things around; is there out there or have you made a little blog button for knotions yet? I’d like to link to it but right under the pretty knitty button it needs some oomph, ya know?

  17. Happy Birthday from one Aries to another! I liked how you celebrated!
    As for make-up: coverstick, powder foundation, and mascara. I usually only where chapstick, but when I want color on my lips I go for lipstain (buy at Sephora) which stays on! Only special occassion get eye shadow or liner. It is super quick and just enough so I feel polished.

  18. Happy Birthday! I’m totally going to steal that weekend celebration idea…sounds wonderful!
    I’ve got my routine down to five minutes, even if I wear foundation, but I wear very little of it, and use a translucent powder over it and the under-eye concealer stuff (can’t get rid of those dark circles to save my life!). The best tips I can give you are to have a brush for everything, and never ever use the little spongy thingies or little brushes that come with makeup. Big fluffy ones, one for powder and one for blush, along with small one for light eyeshadow and crease brush for darker shadow. Also, neutral colours work very well for looking polished fast. Sweep of a little dark neutral eyeliner, quickie curl with the eyelash curler and a hit of mascara and you’re good to go. Honest, it really take five minutes. But I’ve got a little kid driving me insane while I do it so that could be why it’s so rushed :-)

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