FO: Unwrapped

FO: unwrapped

Unwrapped is totally done! The ends are woven in, the pattern is written, the schematic is drawn, the pics are up. It feels so good to have this one done. Now that I’ve got the basics of the raglan shaping down I think it will be easier to do more with it in the other designs — this is the first of a series of 4 raglans.
The shaping definitely took some fine-tuning, and I ended up knitting the entire yoke twice (something I don’t think I would have done had I only been knitting it for myself). But since it’s out there for other knitters I wanted to make sure it was right.
This is definitely the best-fitting raglan I’ve made for myself. The armholes are nice and short and the sleeve width is the right size (they fold like that because they have a slit at the top, not because they’re too wide).
The yarn was also lovely, although a tad splitty and more than a tad full of joins. It washes up beautifully though, and I even dried it fully in the dryer without any shrinkage (maybe it was trying to redeem itself?).
I can’t wait to see other knitters’ Unwrapped sweaters out there! I’m so excited to see how it adapts to a variety of shapes and sizes.

14 thoughts on “FO: Unwrapped

  1. I love the pattern! Thank you so much for addressing both sides of the sizing spectrum. I’m so used to having to adjust patterns to my ultra thin frame, it’s nice to see a ready made pattern that’ll fit me. I am definitely putting this onto my list of must knits.

  2. It looks great. You are always so attentive to details that I’m not surprised it turned out so well. Thanks for sharing!

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