Maryland Sheep & Wool 2008

We had a wonderful time this year. The weather couldn’t have been nicer — breezy, sunny, but not at all hot.
After 5 years Christy and I have it down pat. We hit The Fold first and while she was in line I wandered a bit (I’m one of three people in the world who don’t seem to love STR), then we hit Tess and Brooks Farm and then we just go through each barn. After we hit all the barns it was time for lunch, and then went back to whichever places we wanted to return to after waiting a bit for the impulse of purchasing to wear off.
After that, it was time for some on the grass knitting (next year we will be bringing portable chairs though) and that’s where we usually see the bulk of our friends. We sadly missed the Ravelry meetup (I thought it went until 2). It was great to meet some new Knotions readers and it was so much fun to give out Knotions buttons (people even recognized me by my bag!). If I missed you (or if you didn’t go to MDSW) and you want a Knotions button just leave me a comment and I’ll mail one to you.
Alright, let’s see if I can name everyone we saw (or, let’s see how many people I can forget): Jessica, Ann, Jody, Jess, Casey, Mary-Heather, Kelly, Liz K, Aileen, Sally, Lolly, Isel, Stacey and Jenna. I think people know to look for us there because we always seem to end up sitting with a big group of women — that’s my favorite part of the day.
OK, buying yarn ain’t so bad either.
I pretty much stuck to my list this year:
MDSW 2008
Upper Left is Tess Supersock in green, turquoise and yellow.
Upper Right is Brooks Farm Mas Acero in black with grey flecks for a sweater. It’s a drapey yarn so I have to think about what pattern will suit it.
Lower Left is Kureyon Sock. I know I could buy this close to home too, but I never do and I really want to make some kind of modular sock with it. Plus it’s pink and there’s no denying myself some pink yarn.
Lower Right is Carodan Farms Worsted for the Le Smoking jacket from Lisa Lloyd’s A Fine Fleece. This was exactly the type of yarn I had in mind for this cardi. The jacket in the book is made from a very different yarn — a soft, cashmere blend — but I really saw this cardi in something heartier.
Even though I had 2 sweaters’ worth of yarn on my list I didn’t expect to come home with it. I’m really hoping to use up at least one of the sweater yarns in time for Rhinebeck. I’ve already started sketching for Rhinebeck sweaters, and the Mas Acero might work for one of them. Of course, if it’s anything like last year I should be thinking cotton short sleeve (I think Rhinebeck was as warm as MDSW this year).
With all the deadlines for Knotions (I go from deadline to deadline nowadays) it was great to spend a casual day with one of my closest friends. Spending time with Christy always puts me in a good place, and the wonderful weather and all that yarn reinvigorated my knitting spirit.

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