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I can’t believe it’s August in the Northeast. I’m in my backyard (why do I always type “backyarn”?) wearing sweats and handknit socks. This is an August I can get behind.
The cool weather has me daydreaming about fall sweaters. This time last year I was in the middle of knitting St. Brigid for Rhinebeck. The sweater has taught me a lot about what to knit and what I can wear. Truth is, I don’t love wearing St. Brigid. I want to love it…I wish I loved it…but I don’t love it. I wear it like I wear a sweatshirt — sorta as an outer garment on cold weather weekend mornings. I don’t love the way I look in it (there are so many cables to add bulk where I don’t need it) and the thick texture just doesn’t fit me in a flattering way.
This year’s Rhinebeck sweater (and no I haven’t started knitting it yet, why is that a problem?) will be more streamlined. I still want cables, but something with sections of stockinette or rev st st as well so I can get a better fit (even if it’s a roomy fit I still won’t look so padded). I’m pretty sure I want a hood (or, if not a hood then a big collar). Since I have so many Knotions deadlines I’ll definitely be designing it myself — I just don’t have time to make something as big as a sweater if I can’t put it in the magazine too.
That last sentence is a little bittersweet for me as well. There are always so many beautiful designs coming out each Fall, and this year I’m squarely on the sidelines. It’s pure personal choice, and I knew it would be that way once Knotions started, but I do miss it a little. That’s not to say I’m not thrilled that Knotions is doing well and that I have a lot of work to keep me busy — because I am. I suppose that’s just human nature, always striving for the next great thing, and looking back with fondness on what has changed in the process.

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  1. You know, I have the same sweater in mind. I think I want just one cool cable down the front, set-in sleeves. In a dark tweedy wool. Maybe with a turtleneck…I’m curious to see what you come up with.

  2. You do sound a little melancholy :-(. I’m sure that whatever you design will unconsciously take input from many of the things you’ve seen over the years, so it will just be a beautiful mash-up :-). I am sorry to hear that St. Brigid is not something you enjoy wearing. It turned out so well, and it really did look beautiful on you.

  3. After all that hard work it a bummer to head you don’t love St Brigid.
    It is true about human nature and evolution. I look forward to seeing your progress on this years Rhinebeck sweater. :)

  4. hey there. Like Knotions and best wishes. I think St. Brigid is beautiful and I think you did a wonderful job. Your mastery of knitting just blows me away. I don’t think you look bad at all in the sweater. This maybe one of those sweaters where it is beautiful and wonderful but not for everyone. Maybe a lighter (dk) version for better ease. I’dunno. I think you did a terrific job and it is stunning. Might you be a little hard on yourself? You could always raffle it off. I’d buy tickets! LOL.
    I’ve been trying to find sweaters using a tweed yarn, and cables. I’m craving that!

  5. That’s funny about the “backyarn.” I find myself referring to recipes as patterns sometimes. Of course I don’t cook nearly as often as I knit.
    If you’re looking for another cable project with just one big cable you might want to try Rebecca magazine 32 design no. 28. It’s free online and has one giant cable down the front. It’s very pretty, but the yarn is a bit bulky. I made it once, but wouldn’t make it again unless using thinner yarn.

  6. I can only long for a fall season that starts in August [sigh] I am in Nashville and we were still sporting 97-99 degrees on Friday. It is hard to wear “too warm” sweaters unless you are outside all day. The buildings keep their heat way too high, so the minute you come inside with your beautiful warm sweater, you just burn up.
    Your knitting is absolutely beautiful and I really enjoy reading your blog and Knotions. -Liana

  7. i hear you jody…and miss you. ! I am very worried about St. Brigid’s fit. and I understand your bittersweetness. especially feeling a bit of that as gracie enters high school…

  8. Aww, Jody… I think that’s why I frogged my St. Brigid at about 4 inches. I just didn’t think I’d wear it. Actually, I’m pretty sure it would have worn ME.
    It’s great to be busy, but I hope you still have an overwhelming passion for the work that is keeping you busy. I <3 Knotions. *hugs*

  9. I love those socks–beautiful. Sorry about the disappointment of St. Brigid. You did do a lovely job on her.
    I have no ideas for you on your new Rhinebeck sweater. Which, honestly, kinda surprises me. I am the queen of cabled sweaters.

  10. Whatever sweater I manage to finish by Rhinebeck will be my Rhinebeck sweater, if there isn’t a sweater, it will be whatever project is done before the deadline. Streamlined or not, I think whatever sweater you end up knitting an wearing will inevitably be a work of art.

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