Rhinebeck Sweater #1

Down to the Wire
I’m really cutting it close here, but I guess that’s just par for the course for me and Rhinebeck. Last year I finished knitting St. Brigid’s hood at 2AM in our cottage at Rhinebeck.
I have an almost-finished body, so I still have sleeves, a yoke and a hood to complete. I think I have everything planned out so I just need to knit knit knit.
And then of course there’s sweater #2, a vest that I’m really looking forward to making and wearing. I think it will come together quickly but I’m fearful that I’m losing my battle with the calendar. Here’s hoping I’ll have enough time after work this week to get in some serious knitting time. The weather is so fall-like this year that I just *have* to get these done!

10 thoughts on “Rhinebeck Sweater #1

  1. Do you think, if we all concentrate REALLY hard, we’ll get weather that allows us to wear our sweaters without dying of the heat? :-)
    What is sweater #1? It’s beautiful, so far!

  2. Knit, Jody, knit! :) It’s looking great so far!
    The good thing about bottom-up sweaters is that the yoke gets faster the further you go….
    I have the sleeves and yoke to finish for the sweater I want to wear to Rhinebeck. I hope we can both make it!

  3. I usually ignore child-rearing, and since that isn’t an issue for you, you might actually make it! Who needs to eat or clean anyway?! Sorry I won’t be there to see them in all their knitted glory.

  4. Looks gorgeous so far! Best of luck finishing it up. I’m fighting the calendar right along with you. :) Hope to see you at the festival!

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