Toys for My Tots

Toy Yarn

Well, OK, not my tots. My brother’s tots.
My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their second child in January! I plan on making a blanket for my new niece. I swore I’d never make another baby blanket unless they had another child (I don’t want to play favorites). And just my luck, they’re having another child 😉
They’re using frogs as the main motif. I found Miss Frog by Twins’ Knitting Patterns while browsing on ravelry and knew it would be perfect for my new niece. I didn’t want to make a toy for one and not the other, and 22 the Alien is going to be just the thing for my nephew.
I’m using Knit Picks Shine Sport and Cotlin.
Miss Frog Yarn
Shine Sport in Grass, Leapfrog, High Dive, Marmalade, and Black
CotLin in Swan

22 the Alien Yarn
Shine Sport in River, Sky, Serrano, Caution, and Black
CotLin in Swan

I was a bit concerned about selecting that many colors online. What if they clashed? They’re only $2.50/ball but I’m trying so hard not to add to my stash. And I really have no need for single random balls of cotton blend. So I was happily surprised when I got the yarn this weekend – the images of the yarn were true to life and their descriptions were quite accurate too.
Now I just need to finish my Baktus so I can cast on. Maybe I can have this baby’s toy done before she’s born.

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