FO: Child’s First Sock

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52.6: Child's First Sock

My first FO of the year.
Pattern Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn Tess Yarns Supersock and Baby approx 370 yards
Needles 1-24″ US 1.5 (2.5mm) circ
Child's First Sock Triptych
For a relatively simple sock I did a lot of frogging – the ribbing, the short row heel (the first time I didn’t center it), and an unnecessary attempt to add mini gussets above the heel (I didn’t need extra fabric afterall).

  • My first CO was too tight to go up far enough on my calf. Since I liked the fabric I got on the 1.5’s I didn’t want to go up a needle size, so I added one more rep on the leg.
  • I did a short row heel with 10 sts left unworked
  • I reduced down the extra leg rep by working mini gussets of 6 sts per side
  • Nancy’s toe is more pointy than mine is. I was feeling nostalgic so I wanted to try her toe but I’ll stick with mine from now on.

{}view the rav project}
This FO helps me with three goals for 2010 as well – stash yarn (why was this in my stash for FOUR years?!?), neglected pattern books (I can’t believe I never got around to making a design out of this book), and knitting more socks. I also knit this as a part of the Sock Knitters Anonymous January Challenge (btw, what an *awesome* group).
I have 3 pairs planned for February – my two Olympic pairs (more on that later this week) and my SKA February challenge. My goal is to knit 5 pairs before Maryland, and with these I’ll be at 4. I have a few sock UFOs too and they’ll count as well so I should be all set for Maryland.
Who else is in the Olympics this year?

5 thoughts on “FO: Child’s First Sock

  1. Gorgeous socks! I love that particular lace pattern.
    Good luck with your Olympics projects. I’m competing with a crochet lace scarf. Seeing as I’ve never finished anything except washcloths in only two weeks, it will be a challenge.

  2. That pattern is gorgeous in that deep blue yarn!!! (pause while I check to see what yarn you used)…
    Of course – it’s Tess’ yarn! You’re not the only one who’s stashed it for years! Every time I sift through the sock yarn stash I sniff mine – isn’t the lavender smell delish?

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