Somedays I feel pretty smart. Today is not one of those days.

Earlier in the week I wrote about a skirt that I was head over heels obsessed with knitting and wearing. Several of us had conversations about it on flickr, Kristy and I talked about it over email, and by end of day Monday I ordered a purple and red version.
I finally picked up the pattern book from my LYS today and quickly flipped to the skirt pattern. I read and re-read and read the pattern again before I could believe that it was a two-color pattern. All this time I thought it was purely a slip stitch pattern. Looking at the pic I don’t know why I thought that but I did. I don’t think I would have chosen to knit it if I knew it was stranded.
After a few hours of contemplation I’ve come to accept the construction and think this might be the project that makes or breaks my interest in stranded knitting. But I’m still disappointed that it’s not just slip stitch.
After work I decided to browse friend activity and came across a pattern I really like. Turns out I already had it in my queue. I haven’t looked at my queue in a long time and really only use favorites (which seem to make more sense to me since how can I be planning to knit hundreds of patterns?)
from my queue
I got intrigued and started browsing my queue. Guess what? It’s chock full of projects I’ve wanted to knit (almost as if it was custom made just for me. heh) – many I had forgotten about completely. I feel so silly to have forgotten my queue existed and now I find myself daydreaming about the Corset Pullover, Glasgow Lace, and Bianca’s Jacket.
So now I find myself here at 10:30 at night with 13 skeins of Cotton Classic making its way to me obsessed with knitting one of the gems I just discovered in my queue. All of which *of course* do not match up with my stash yarn.
So to recap, I have yarn being shipped to me for a project I’m not really excited to knit, and projects in my queue of things I’d love to knit but nothing in my stash that could work. Oh yeah I’m batting a thousand.

5 thoughts on “Somedays I feel pretty smart. Today is not one of those days.

  1. I am sometimes surprised at what I find in my own queue, too. I think it’s good practice to take a little look-see on a regular basis!!

  2. I spent 3 days or so last week organizing my queue! I’m not knitting any faster or anything, but maybe I’m knitting “smarter” by actually using yarn that I have enough of or optimizing the yarn I use for the right size project. Either way, it was cathartic and fun!

  3. All three of those patterns are well worth daydreaming about. But the skirt will be a stunning piece to wear, so I say go for it!

  4. Isn’t that always the way! I was looking at the Corset Pullover this week – trying to find a pattern for the slubby cotton yarn I bought on clearance. I’m thinking I might try Vesper (stealing the idea from you)!

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