Is It Fall Yet?

Just like clockwork, July hits and all I can think about is fall knitting. I stalk the magazine sites for previews, visit my LYS frequently, pull out old issues of IK and designers’ books – anything to get my fix of the season to come.
I didn’t make a sweater for last year’s Rhinebeck so I “need” to make one this year. I looked at a lot of my favorites and came up with 8 possibilities – several that have been in previous year’s knitspiration lists. (I left out a few that I’m still very interested in knitting but not for Rhinebeck climate.)
Rhinebeck 2010 Knitspiration
Top Row: Vigdis Hoodie from Viking Patterns for Knitting, Sylvi from Twist Collective Winer 2008, Manchester Jacket from IK Winter 2008, Bianca’s Jacket from IK Fall 2006
Bottom Row: Estes Vest from IK Fall 2008, Heather Hoodie Vest from Knitscene Fall 2009, Harmony from RYC Classic Style, Phyllo Pullover from Knitting Nature
I’d make some mods in almost all of them – I like Vigdis but not with a separate hood so I’d connect the hood and create a slit in the front. I’d line all the coats. I’d lengthen Estes and change out the toggles for either a zipper or buttons. They’ve all been on my future-knit list for several years (except for the more recent ones that I imagine will show up on the list for a long time).
I’d like either a coat or a good layering piece that I can put with long sleeve Ts, cowls or scarves. And I’d like it to be neutral enough that I could make a pair of mitts to wear at the same time without clashing.
I actually thought I had made my decision before posting, but now I’m not so sure.
What do you think?
And if you’re going, what are you considering making?

4 thoughts on “Is It Fall Yet?

  1. I like the Manchester Jacket, but it bugs me how the front edge curls under below the buttons. Do you think lining would help solve that?
    I also love the Heather Hoodie Vest. Very cute!
    Looks like overall, you are in the mood for some cables!

  2. I’m partial to the Sylvi, of course … though I turned mine into an afghan instead of the coat I knew I wouldn’t wear enough!

  3. I’m voting for the Harmony Pullover because of its beautiful stitch patterns and because I haven’t seen it before. It could be totally stunning in a deep red or brick color.
    I haven’t ever been to Rhinebeck but might go this year! Like you I’m thinking about a sweater, and right now I’m leaning toward Norah Gaughan’s new jacket Astor:

  4. I’m partial to pullovers, but you’ve reminded me how much I like the yoke patterning on the Manchester Jacket.
    I’m hoping to wear a couple of sweaters that are just ideas in my head right now… but we’ll see how life works out. I’ll be thrilled to be there, in any case!

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