Point Gammon It Is

I started Paul’s cabled pullover using a Drops pattern last month.
Gauge issues forced me to frog it though. I had knitted about 400 yards at that point but it was just too wide.
One of these is not the same...
That sweater below is another I made for Paul and since then he’s lost a few pounds so bigger wasn’t my goal for this sweater.
The thought of reknitting all that wide rib wasn’t very appealing. Then I remembered Elinor’s Point Gammon in the latest IK. Once I had a project in mind I ripped the Drops project and did a gauge swatch for Point Gammon right away. I was afraid if I didn’t pick it back up quickly that I’d lose steam on it and the project would end up on my 2011 goals.
After the sizing issues on the Drops sweater I was nervous about selecting the right size for this pullover. After a few emails with Elinor I decided to knit the larger size. The ribbing is so accommodating – just what I needed coming off of a botched sizing project.
Point Gammon
I’m enjoying knitting this a lot more than the almost-stockinette rib of the Drops sweater and I think it will make for a more impressive FO too.
I’m still ruminating on my Rhinbeck sweater choice so I’ll get more of Point Gammon done in the mean time. Time is getting tight for my 2-sweaters-before-Rhinebeck knitting goal though. I’d have a hard time making up for another bigtime goof before then. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Oh! I love Point Gammon. Elinor designs such great sweaters. Can’t wait to see what you pick for your Rhinebeck sweater.

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