Rhinebeck Options – Part 2

I’ve been obsessively considering this year’s Rhinebeck sweater. I’ve boiled it down to 2 battling desires – to walk around wearing a show piece, and to knit something wearable that will get tons of use (which means, something that looks good on *me* and not just when folded or hanging on a mannequin).
I pulled out tons of my previous books – old issues of Phildar, a couple Patons pamphlets, downloaded patterns in my binder, older books by designers, even older issues of IK. I came up with this set of wearable projects. They’re all very nice – they have great details and would work up really nicely in either a showcase or workhorse yarn.
Rhinebeck Options - Part 2

Kerrera by Gudrun Johnston
– Love the rev st st yoke at the top and the patch pockets. The double garter stitch bands give it a great texture. And the hood is always a sure sell for me.
I may consider adding a zipper to it. While I love the look of just buttoning the top it’s not a style if you’re busty. I need my tops to come in under my bust or I look like my whole body is as wide as my bust.
Drops Circular Jacket with Flower – It’s simple enough but the flower on the back has great impact (and I love the single petal on the sleeve bottom). They increase at 5 places instead of evenly distributing them around the entire circle so it create a bit of an angular edge and makes the fronts meet more than if they were true circles.
The big negative is that it’s garter in the round which means every other round will be a purl round. It just seems wrong to have to purl to get garter, doesn’t it?
Rhinbeck: The Chic Knits Possibles
Ariann by Bonne Marie Burns – If a design doesn’t have a hood then a wide collar is a great compromise. I’m sure Amy could explain why hoods or wide collars suit me so well. I can just tell you that they work for me. (BTW how awesome is Amy’s Fit 2 Flatter series? If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a 10 part series on explaining what looks good on different body types and making knits work for you. It’s incredibly thorough with tons of pics of garments on a variety of differently-shaped women so you really see what she’s talking about).
The other thing Ariann has going for it is that I have just the yarn in my stash – Brooks Farm Mas Acero in “black” (more of a black and grey mix). The subtle variation in the yarn will look great in the chevron stitch pattern. And did I say it was stash yarn?
Cerisara by Bonne Marie Burns – The lace top gives it enough detail and the stockinette bottom makes it wearable with dress pants, a denim skirt and knee highs (anything that pairs well with knee high boots gets an automatic star next to it), or jeans for a bum-around weekend.
I have enough brown Silky Wool to make this from my stash as well.

Mondo Cable Pulli
– I started this one last year but I need to frog it – I need a deeper V to balance out my bust and I think I went a half size too big.
I like the yarn I chose so I think I’d stick with that – Extra Stampato (100% Merino) in a black with grey/white speckles. What I did knit up made me really impressed with the pattern. I find that many top-down raglan patterns have issues matching the schematic but Bonne Marie’s numbers were spot on.
While I think I’d like to see a more complex pattern knit up, my knitting time is too valuable to spend it on something I’ll only wear occasionally. These 5 designs are garments I’d reach for all the time. The kind that make you do laundry so you can wear it again. The kind that make you feel good when you’re walking around the office stuck there late at night. The kind that make you consider knitting it again.
I’ll keep working on Paul’s cabled pullover (I’m 2/3rds through the second skein!) while I mull these over.

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  1. You definitely don’t have to purl to make garter in the round! Where’s the beginning of the round? Place it somewhere inconspicuous. Maybe right down the center of the shawl collar? Knit one row, wrap and turn, knit another row, pick up wrap, wrap and turn, etc. Practice on a little swatch to make sure you’re okay with the result.

  2. Hi, I had exactly the smae thought about the Drops flower jacket. Sure is pretty. It is awful lot of yarn too. The collar looks kinda stiff in garter – do you have any suggestion?

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