While you were knitting

There’s been very little knitting going on here lately. We’re getting ready to put our house on the market and are feverishly finishing up many of the home improvement projects or just plain upgrading for the showings.
All the work hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about knitting though. I’m finding myself thinking about the typical socks and sock weight shawls, but also about blankets, laceweight shawls and even spring tops.
Here are a few of the shawls and blankets I’ve been obsessing about. I’ve gone so far with the blanket as to look at Miss Babs handpainted and monochrome colors in her Yummy sport weight sock in anticipation of Maryland Sheep & Wool next month (just 4 weeks away!)
Knitspiration April 2011: Things to wrap yourself in
Top Row
Mod on Mod by Lisa Shobhana Mason in YarnPlay. This is the FO that really sold me. I *love* the crochet joins!
Mitered Crosses Blanket–for Japan by Kay Gardiner – you can buy it on the Mason Dixon blog (buy now button at the end of the post) or on Ravelry
Barn Raising Quilt by Shelley Mackie and Larissa Brown in Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together – the idea is to use scrap yarn or yarn from many knitters, but of course I don’t have sock scraps in colors to match the living room
Bottom Row
Rock Island by Jared Flood – which I’m sure you’ve all already seen this unless you live under a rock 😉 Get it at Brooklyn Tweed or on Ravelry
Gaenor by Corrina Ferguson – One of 8 shawlettes in the booklet Sidways Shawlettes
And So Are You by Rose Beck – get it individually or in a collection of 4 Roses Are Red inspired designs. Love the box pleat edging!
If you’re curious what we’ve been doing on the house, here are a few pics
Stairs and Sunporch Floor In Progress
We refinished the stairs and are about a third of the way through the trim painting. The risers are done but we still need to do the wall molding and the banister posts.
We also upgraded the flooring in the sunporch. There was an old, blue industrial carpet in there. Now there’s a nice vinyl tile with grouted seams (I can’t believe how far vinyl has come!) The sunporch is 100% done. The rest of the rooms all have at least one item left on the list. We started with 91 items and we’re down to 24 now. 24 in 6 weeks? I think we can…I think we can…
Knit a row for me, won’t you?

3 thoughts on “While you were knitting

  1. will you stay in the area or will you move to another state. Love the changes you have made.
    I am not sure if I am going to MDS&W on Saturday or Sunday. Sunday is certainly less crowded but last year, it was kind of empty of stock. Sort of like a hoard of locusts in a whet field. Really. I did stop at Miss babs and get her yowza what a skein yarn, some barlett’s which I love. But I am really looking for basic yarn at 4.5 stitch per inch and right now with sock knitting there is not much there in this realm. Sorry to have to post here instead of FB. My dial up and old OS is to blame!

  2. I’m going to MDSW, too– but since I didn’t go last year (I was busy getting married, ahem) I missed Miss Babs’ booth! So this year will be especially cool. See you there!

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