And the winner is…

I really enjoyed seeing all the comments come in and hearing from both old and new readers. It was a lot of fun!
Readers' votes
Making Waves, Maggie and Peasy were your top three. But my top choice is Audrey in Unst! I love the combo of lace without frilliness and think it will be super-versatile – perfect with a black pencil skirt and white cami, or paired with gray or dark brown trousers, or with an A-line corduroy skirt and T shirt, or with a sundress in early spring, or with dark jeans and black boots for the weekend. You get the idea.
Reader Winners
Pam won first place for being one of the five who guessed Audrey.
Alicia won second place and she guessed Maggie.
Congrats, ladies! I’ve sent an email to both of you to select your yarn and send me your mailing address.
Many of you really put a lot of thought into your responses! When I wrote the post last week I had decided on Audrey, but a few of your comments did give me pause. Jodi suggested Tangled Yoke which was supposed to be on my list but somehow dropped off. And as your comments came in guessing the ones I did show, a few of your reasons made me think “Am I doing the right one?”
In the end I decided to stick with my original decision. I swatched during the week and am getting gauge on US #4. I still need to decide on a size and then sit and cast on a whole lotta stitches. I plan to do that later today so I can take Audrey with me on the train.
Bubble Stream progress
Speaking of train knitting, I got a lot of knitting done on my Bubble Stream sock. I’m on the heel flap.
Those of you who know me know that I don’t usually do heel flaps. I prefer short row heels. But the way the pattern grows out of the flap made me stick with that design. Truthfully I didn’t feel like thinking too much about it and it’s been a long time since I’ve done a heel flap. I figure it’s about time.
The sock as written is 64 sts but I prefer 72 sts so I added 8 sts changing each single row of knit sts to 2 sts. After working the first inch (the cuff) I switched those 2 st columns to garter rib; I’m alternating a round of knits with a round of puls in those 2 st columns. So if you’re familiar with the pattern that’s why my sock looks a bit different.
I’m loving the pattern so far and found it’s a perfect commuter project. I can put it down at any point and pick right back up. I’d love to make a few new pairs of socks to wear this fall and winter. At this rate I’ll finish a pair a month. Not sure I’ll keep up that pace though if Audrey makes it into the rotation. Let’s see how this week goes…

4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I am behind in blogging myself and in reading blogs. Canning has taken over everything. I love the color. I love red too. I would suggest putting Jodi’s suggestion on the list for next sweater. She has great taste in sweaters.

  2. Thanks for showing us the spread of choices – love the pie chart! I plan to knit an Audrey for myself too as I’ve got some yarn that should be just the right amount for it. Hope to see your progress with it soon!

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