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As I mentioned in my last post, my new job is business casual. I’ve already started sewing some skirts and I also want to knit a few things as well since I’ll have so much commuting time.
It took some research on rav forums to find knitting patterns that are suitable for work, fun to knit, and suitable for me to wear. I’ve been collecting patterns and I’m close to deciding what’s next.
First, the yarn:
I wanted a strong color
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Color 114 – a true red.
Now, where you come in and the contest. Guess the pattern I’m going to make first, or even suggest one I haven’t shown below. Here are 15 contenders.
Potential work sweaters and cardis

click through to flickr to see a larger version on the thumbnails

A few things to keep in mind:

  • I want something versatile. Something I can wear with pants or a skirt, dress it up a bit or do a more casual (but still work appropriate) styling.
  • I don’t have a problem adjusting a pattern for gauge as long as the styling and shape suits me.
  • I like layering. All of these allow for camis, button down collared shirts, or even nicer Ts.
  • I don’t want *too* much lace. I don’t mind looking feminine, but I don’t want to come off too frilly.

What can you win?
Guess which pattern I'll knit and win some yarn!
Upper left – 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Pink Blossom (1ns)
Upper right – 1 skein of Schaefer Anne
Lower left – 1 hank of Sliver Moon 50 Merino/ 50 Tencel
Lower right – 1 hank of Tess Supersocks and Baby
I’ll give away at least 2 prizes – first prize to the person who correctly guesses the pattern (or who convinces me to knit a pattern I haven’t shown here), and 1 to everyone other than the winner. First prize gets to pick from the four and second prize gets to pick from the remaining three.
So come on – everyone has a chance to win. It’s been a while since I’ve actively blogged so this is a way to encourage more of you to comment. I’d love to reconnect with longtime readers and even meet some new ones I haven’t heard from before.
CONTEST IS CLOSED – thanks everyone for participating!
The contest will go through the rest of the week. I’ll close this post to comments on Saturday morning – and announce winners on Sunday.
Good luck!

45 thoughts on “Up next and a contest

  1. If you haven’t knit an Audrey in Unst, you should! definitely versatile, not frilly–(the lace is more “structural” than airy), and well fitting.
    Have fun!

  2. Well, hello, Peggy Sue. You are the pattern to do. You scream versatility! You can be worn, over or under. Dressy or dress down. Those dress flannels, linens or jeans will love you equally. ( Especially in that beautiful shade of red.) If you can adjust the pattern for gauge, etc. you can adjust the lace bottom if it looks to frilly. You are going to make it your own, I just know you will. The best reason to knit Peggy Sue…you have been away from knitting/blogging and you want to reconnect….Peggy Sue will be a quick knit and satisfaction when done and that you help you find your next knitting project! It’s all about mojo!
    Andi W

  3. (long time lurker, first time commenter (I think!))
    I vote for Joy from Vintage Knits. Not only because I’ve had it in my queue forever, but also because I think it is a classic style and shape, and v-necks are supremely flattering and also that slightly bit more formal, with the stand up collar, for work. When I e entually knit it, I plan on replacing the beads with purl bumps.
    You have shortlisted a lot of great cardigans there!

  4. Hmmm..buisness casual you say? My vote is on Heidi’s Peasy. Looks like it would be incredible dressed up or down. It would look beautiful in that red!

  5. My guess is the Making Waves Cardigan. Also, does Kim Hargreaves have two cardis called Joy? At first I was going to say that because it was in there twice, but the pictures look very different.
    I just did a contest on my blog too, to get knitters reading and commenting again!

  6. The only one of those in my queue (currently) is Peasy, so I’ll guess it! I may have to add a few of those though.

  7. Another vote for Audrey in Unst here. It’s such a beautiful, classic design. And also I have a selfish reason to vote for it: I really want to make it but don’t have time right now. So if you make it I can experience it vicariously via your blog!

  8. I like the Diminishing Rib Cardigan – it is cute with a skirt but I think it would be really cute also with jeans and a tee.
    I’m trying to get myself back into blogging too!

  9. I think Maggie is an excellent candidate! It looks feminine and you can layer however you want to depending on if you button it or leave it open.
    Good luck creating an exciting wardrobe for work! :)

  10. Long time reader first time commenter BUT that said the minute I saw Peasy I had to say it would be gorgeous in that red!

  11. Belated congrats on your news! So happy for you! I am partial to Audrey in Unst… mostly because I recently realized I have yarn for that and want to make it.

  12. Have you considered the Lily cardigan by Marie Grace? It’s feminine without being too frilly. It is both casual and dressy. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I knit mine in Elsebeth Lavold silky wool in black and wear it all the time.

  13. Audrey in Unst is a beautifully written pattern and I love the resulting sweater as well. If you haven’t chosen it this time, you really should choose it in the future. (No contest entry, please, I have enough yarn– at least until Rhinebeck.)

  14. I personally like the Making Waves sweater. Just found you via another knitting blog. I love to see what other people are knitting for inspiration, as I’m a bit of a newbie still, with only two sweaters to my name. And as I wouldn’t mind increasing my stash a bit, here I am!

  15. Just for ducks, I’ll suggest something not on your list, and that would be Geodesic from Knitscene winter/spring 2010.
    You would have to do gauge adjustment because the pattern is written for a finer gauge.
    I’m suggesting it because I think it is one of those patterns that has a very high percentage of finished ones that look great on the wearer. It’s also one of my own favorite sweaters.
    It is worn open on the model, but you can fasten it with a clasp button anywhere on the front that suits you.

  16. Wow, that silky red wool looks lovely! Can’t wait to see how that cardigan of yours will turn out.
    Personally I think the last pattern ‘Maggie’ would be my favorite, because it is both fancy and casual (nope, this is not a contradiction *wink*) and I think that it makes you look rather slim.
    Apart from that I love cardigans, because I am sensitive to temperature and the changes in it. So with a cardigan you can never miss out on what weather it will be or how warm/cold it turns out toe be somewhere – even indoors. Just loosen the buttons or roll up your sleeves. Considering all this… I might even start this ‘Maggie’ myself 😉
    Have a nice weekend, all! Ciao, Fleur (Fleurtje-Eliza on Ravelry)

  17. I really like the shape of Hampton. It looks versatile. It’s got a feminine shape but is not very frilly. Since you’re using such a bright yarn, you’ll want something a little simpler, and something with an open front is great because it’s not like BAM OMG I AM WEARING RED.
    The other one I would suggest is Making Waves, and I think it is suitable and meets all the reasoning I wrote for Hampton 😉

  18. I love “Maggie”, it works for work and for casual not work stuff heh that’d be my pick with “Concur” a very close second for the same reasons listed above :)

  19. im going to go out on a limb and suggest a new pattern..http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/coraline by ysolda teague..
    reasons for picking this pattern:
    ysolda’s patterns are notoriously well written and designed to flatter every body type
    the design is very feminine in a vintage classic sort of way..the drapey openness of the cardigan floats away from the body (flattering fit)…you can easily wear it with a skirt or pants to work but all integrate it into your casual wardrobe
    it looks like perfect commuter knitting because its not fussy with cables or lace charts..but the smocking adds enough detail to make it interesting(and is also crazy easy to execute)..
    and lastly i think this is the perfect pattern to showcase the gorgeous red you chose
    that was fun!

  20. I like the Laccaria cardi. It has fun and interesting structural details without being frilly. There’s nothing like frilly to destroy your credibility in the workplace!

  21. I like the pattern “Peasy”. The beautiful red silky yarn will look so dressy with a pair of black pants or a black skirt.

  22. I think you should knit Joy, from Rowan Vintage Knits. I really like the patterning – it’s interesting, but subtle. And the collar is a nice touch.

  23. You’ve certainly made it difficult; those are all great choices but I would say the Making Waves cardigan. It would look beautiful in the red!

  24. I would recommend Ysolda Teague’s “Coraline” cardigan. I’ve just finished mine and think the pattern is beautiful. It would look lovely with trousers or a skirt and you could use it for a fancier or a more casual look. Good luck with whatever you decide to knit!

  25. I think the Peggie Sue or the Hampton Cardigan would accent your “girls” which seem to be a very positive feature in most of your photographs. If ya got ’em, appreciate ’em. You’d look super.
    I should be so lucky :-)

  26. I think you should do the Peggy Sue. I love the ribbing and it’s so reto’ish. And that red is an awesome color. I can see the Peggy Sue over a black tank top, white shirt. or over a complimenting sun dress (I live in TX, always have to carry a sweater or you will freeze indoor with the air condition blowing. lol)
    QTWIQ on Rav, where I saw your blog and contest.

  27. I vote for Making Waves, and Audrey In Unst as a close second. Actually I’ve had my eye on those for a while myself – would be great to see you knit either of them :)

  28. I’m going to go for ‘Maggie’ by Kim Hargreaves. I can so see that in red with a pair of jeans, or spicing up a simple dress. Beautiful pattern!

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