Inspiration Abounds

Driving back from Rhinebeck last Sunday, Christy shared that she hasn’t been this excited about knitting in a long time. I agree! Between the cool fall weather, the gorgeous FOs, the sample booth projects and the yarn – oh, the yarn – I’m exploding with new project mania.
Bubble Stream: Sock One is Done!
It’s a good thing I finished sock 1 of Bubble Stream last weekend. I CO for sock 2 on the train this week and…haven’t touched it since. I don’t doubt Bubble Stream will get more attention soon though. 2 pairs of my hand knit socks have developed holes in them recently and have become their own annoying works in progress so I’m low on handknit socks. Especially ones I can wear to work. I love the thought of my red socks peeking out from my pants to add a splash of color to my outfit.
While at the Tess booth I saw several sample Summit shawls/scarves. I loved them and was shocked that it’s a Knitty pattern from last year! The pattern pics didn’t call grab me but the Tess samples sure did. I like the idea of knitting things that don’t look like traditional handknits. I don’t have an immediate idea for a suitable stash yarn to go with the project so that’s going into my idea bin for now.
I’ve already mentioned the orange cover socks – Isabella D’Este -from the Knitter’s Book of Socks. I didn’t realize a blog reader designed them though! Jayme Stahl has been a reader for many years and I was tickled to get her comment that I made her day! Those socks will almost definitely be my next pair after Bubble Stream.
Lintilla Start
I needed to start something with the Rhinebeck yarn though and the Miss Babs Rhinebeck 2011 colorway was calling me. I CO Lintilla last week. I’m so impressed with both the creativity and cleverness of this little garter stitch shawl! I love what she’s done with the edges to keep them tidy (I actually thought it was an error at first – sorry Martina I won’t doubt you again) and I’m obsessed with the swirliness the ruffles create. I even brought it to the bank yesterday so I could get in two rows while waiting in line. I’m already planning a second one in a more drapier yarn (possibly this hank of Just Our Yarn Myne 100% heavy laceweight cashmere). Lintilla will definitely see more action today.
And Bubble Stream should as well. I’m out of practice with cuff-down sizing and made the toe one row too long. I need to rip back a row and kitchener the toe. Good thing I didn’t want to kitchener on the train. I’d be a bit bitter about ripping out grafting and that would be a sure way to put Bubble Stream into the “someday I’ll finish you” pile.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Abounds

  1. Shoot, that Lintilla is super cute. Thanks for alerting me to it! Would be fabulous in a 50/50 merino/silk. Also an awesome way to use up sock yarn.

  2. Love your Lintilla, the pattern really shows off the yarn! Or is it the yarn really shows off the pattern?? Just a great combination :) Beautiful sock too, gorgeous red!

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