I woke up this morning to insta-Fall. It’s breezy with a high of 60 and the faint sound of rustling leaves in the background – gorgeous! I’m on my second load of autumn clothes in the wash and dug out all of my hand knit socks. Love this season!
Speaking of cooler weather clothing, I’m making good progress on Audrey. The first week was slow going and I briefly thought “why am I making a cardi with 36 freaking rows of 1×1 rib?”
And then I finished the ribbing on Friday and got my answer – it’s gorgeous!
Audrey in Unst: ribbing done
I’m still a bit nervous about sizing. I haven’t made many bottom up tops (I’m more of a top down girl) so I’m still in the pre-try it on stage. I really want a red cardi for work though so it’s motivating me work on it during every commute. In fact, I haven’t knit on my Bubble Stream socks in 2 weeks.
I’m excited to see the cardi take shape and can’t wait to be able to slip it on to see how it all behaves together. I’m not sure I can handle frogging all the ribbing but hopefully I wont have to find out *fingers crossed*
This will likely be my primary Rhinebeck project although I always bring a few just for flexibility. I can be a fickle, fickle knitter.
Speaking of Rhinebeck – are you going? What should I put on my shopping list? This will likely be my last post before I leave so let me know if you’re going to be there. I’d love to see some new faces and the usual suspects too!

4 thoughts on “Insta-Fall

  1. I will be there…but I guess you already knew that :)!
    Hoping to have my Catkin shawl done in time to wear it to the festival. 15 rows remaining so I should be good. The rows take forever but at this point, even though they are getting longer, they are getting simpler so I’m hopeful I’ll finish in the next week. With late playoff games, I’m thinking that knitting is going to help keep me awake so I’m hopeful.
    I have zero idea what I’m going to buy, no idea who the hottest new booths are, what the most popular, awesome, new patterns are. Hope you get some good suggestions here. And if all else fails, we’ll spend time trolling the internet on Friday.
    Should we make dinner reservations for Saturday night? Same place?

  2. It was rainy and chilly this morning, and when the sun peeked through my daughter & I both squealed. It was a glorious fall day! I think I’ll be heading to Rhinebeck myself, not sure what I’ll be looking for either!

  3. Hope you have a great time at Rhinebeck! Your Audrey’s progressing nicely, and that red is gorgeous!

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