It was time to measure the bodice now that I’ve got a few inches of the stockinette portion done. I’ve been SO nervous because 7 inches of 200+ sts at 6 SPI is a lot of work. I’ve got my knitting mojo back and I want to keep it that way.
So I threaded some waste yarn through so I could nicely lay the whole thing out at once. Then, I took one of my favorite stockienette stitch cardis that doesn’t have any lycra in it (so the sizing needs would be similar) and put my work on top of it.
Sizing Up Audrey
Phew! It’s looking good.
I did make a couple of mods:

  • I added 3” to the length. I’m too busty for a fitted, cropped cardi. I do have a couple but they’re all a relaxed fit for a more casual look
  • I’ve also decided not to do waist shaping. None of my store-bought cardis have waist shaping, and because of the way I wear them I buy them to fit my mid-section and only button those couple of waist buttons. This gives me the most flattering silhouette. So, no waist shaping for me.

I’ve added almost as much length to the body in the past week as what I knit in the three previous weeks. That twisted ribbing is a beauty but I’m happy to get a bit more progress in this week.
I’m still obsessed with Audrey and haven’t touched my Bubble Stream socks or the shawl I started in a panic when I didn’t know what I wanted to make out of the Silky Wool. (you do that too, right?)

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