Cable Dreaming

If you came here looking for an update on the grey socks, or the red socks, or the alpaca scarf, or Lintilla, or Audrey in Unst you can just move along. I have no updates on any of my WIPs!
That’s not to say I haven’t been knitting (I have) – but a couple inches here and there are not very interesting. I came to that very conclusion myself this morning.
And promptly remedied that with a trip to my LYS.
Cable Dreaming
I picked up 7 hanks of a dark brown Cascade 220 for a cardi. No pattern, but it was originally inspired by Annikki by Norah Gaughan (volume 1 – I’m going old school). My current plans are barely reminiscent of Annikki though. I’m planning a top-down raglan with a big cable up the center back. I’m undecided about the closure though – maybe buttons, maybe a zipper. I do want to do a deep collar like Annikki – maybe even a bit deeper – and plan to make my cardi a more traditional length, possibly a tad longer.
I’ve been pouring through stitch pattern and cable books looking for *the* cable and I may have found it. Maybe. After I publish this post I’m going to CO for the world’s largest swatch – over 70 sts wide and at least 36 rows long. I’m excited to do more cables after my mittens last month, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to knit this on the train. Because you all know, the newest WIP is the only one you want to work on, and I figure I deserve to indulge the week before Christmas.