Nuvem and a First Look at Spring

Nuvem Start Close Up
I CO for my Nuvem last Saturday. I knit on it during my commute all week and wasn’t sure about it. I had a hard time keeping everything together on the train – a combo of fine yarn and stitch markers – and was considering frogging it. It was so bad that I chose not to knit at least twice this week. Yeah – that bad. With the amount of stockinette this needs to be a commuting project. There’s no way 1,300 yards of laceweight stockinette would keep my attention otherwise.
Before I frogged though I decided to give a different pair of needles a try and swapped from Knit Picks to Addi Lace. What a difference! The join is smoother and the needle has a bit more grab to it. While I won’t know for sure until my commute tomorrow I think this will be a winner. And good thing because so far I’m loving the colors and the lightweight hand. I’ve knit almost 5% of the ball so I think this is likely a year+ project.
Can you believe this is 5%? It looks like nothing. I guess laceweight projects are always that way – even if you’re not knitting lace.
Nuvem Start
New Blog Feature
I love how Andi ends many of her posts with links to things she discovered this week and I’m going to give it a try too.
Here are a few things I loved this week

4 thoughts on “Nuvem and a First Look at Spring

  1. Very cool shawl.
    Knitting update from me– decided to do the blanket edging as in the pattern- knit separate and sewed on. 9 triangles in, 47 to go.

  2. Glad that you joined me in the enabling department. That pullover is fantastic!
    I just can’t get over how amazing the colors are in that shawl. Good call!

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