A few gifts for you all on my birthday

Wholehearted flat  3
It’s my birthday today and Andi gifted me a copy of the Wholehearted shawl (thanks, Andi!). It was a great surprise but my favorite part is that the proceeds are going to help the designer’s family. Here’s what she writes:
My daughter suffered a serious house fire today. She’s ok, but things are in shambles. From now through the end of May, the proceeds from this pattern will go towards helping her re-build and be whole again.
What an awful thing to go through. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak of losing prized belongings and irreplaceable memories.
Let’s Help Erika’s Daughter – A Contest
So, in a pay-it-forward spirit I’m going to purchase and give away 4 copies of this pattern to you all!
All you have to do is leave a comment with the two colors you would use for this shawl and why you’d choose those colors. I always have a difficult time choosing multiple colors for a single project so I’m looking for a little inspiration.

The contest is now closed

The fine print – one entry per person. The contest will run until next Saturday April 21st, and I’ll announce the winners next Sunday April 22nd. I’ll send the winners a copy of the pattern as a gift via Ravelry so I think you’ll need a Rav account. If you don’t have a Rav account and you win we’ll figure something out.
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34 thoughts on “A few gifts for you all on my birthday

  1. What a beautiful pattern and how nice of you to purchase the copies to help the designer after this tragedy.
    Tough to choose from all the Madelinetosh colors, but I’d probably pick Burnished and either Copper Penny or Nutmeg.

  2. Lovely pattern and such a good cause.
    Of the Tosh colours I’d choose ‘Whitewash ‘ and ‘Worn Denim’
    They make me think about the calming effect of the sea lapping on a sandy shore.
    Roxyrana on Ravelry.

  3. Beautiful shawl pattern. I would choose dark purple and teal. I just love these 2 colors together. Not sure what yarn I would, I will need to find the perfect shade of dark purple.

  4. Jodie, thanks for letting us know about this lovely shawl and the good cause. Don’t enter me in the contest – I just now purchased the pattern on Ravelry. Just wanted to say a big “thanks” to you for giving us the o to assist someone in need.

  5. oh how beautiful! I think I’d have to go further with the heart theme and maybe do a two-tone red, with the darker red in the center – maybe Tanis Fiber Arts in Sunset and Poppy. I think it’s wonderful that you’re helping people out.

  6. This is very sweet of you! I think I’m going to have to gift a few around myself.
    I’ve had this pattern in my queue for a while, but haven’t really thought of colors. Definitely a light paired with a dark for good contrast. Maybe a light grey with burgandy or dark purple.. or dark grey with a light blue.
    KazKitty on Ravelry

  7. First things first: Happy Birthday!
    The shawl is adorable. that’s one of my favorite shapes because it stays on your shoulders without much fuss. I also have a difficult time choosing colors for multicolored projects. Inevitably, I choose shades of grey. But I love grey so I’m never disappointed with the results.

  8. Lovely gift… I’d use a malabrigo sock or Arroyo color like Jupiter or Candombe and a solid picked from one of the colors in the variegated skein.

  9. I would make it in 2 colors of Plucky Knitter yarn ( was just at her retreat) a beautiful dark grey and a rich cobalt blue.
    Happy Birthday!

  10. How sweet to pay it forward. Happy Birthday! I have a lot of green sock yarn so I think I’d fiddle with the pattern a little. I have a beautiful green/yellow varigated (more subtle than I make it sound) and some solid green that I bought at stitches years ago. I think that would be magnificant together!

  11. I love purple and pale springtime green at the moment! I can’t suggest a brand but I love Tanis Fiber Arts!!

  12. Happy birthday! What a lovely thing for you to do.
    I’d choose deep plums with swirly shades of blue, myself. Though the colors of the original are awfully pretty, too…

  13. What a great idea! Me? I would need an ocean blue and lime green. Soothing and calming!
    Take care.
    Yhime407 on Ravelry

  14. Happy Birthday! What a great cause and how very generous you are to do this for YOUR day. I love shades of peach so a dark peach with a very pale shade for the edging. I also love shades of pinky/purple so those for a second one? LOL Wishing you the best and prayers and good thoughts sent to the designer’s daughter and family.

  15. My fav color combos are red & yellow, lime green & yellow, black & turquoise, royal blue & purple. Can you tell I like jeweltone colors? Debbie H gussek on Ravelry

  16. I would choose turquoise and a peach color. These are very happy colors for me and this situation needs some happy. Will keep Erika and her family in my thoughts and prayers…

  17. What a fantastic shawl. I love the way the top curls around. Hmmm what colours would I make it in. Well it would have to be a deep purple and then a lighter lilac colur, just because I LOVE purple.

  18. This is a gorgeous pattern. And is so nice of you to do a giveaway for a good cause. I would love to knit this yellow/mustard and grey. Just because those are my latest favorite colors.

  19. Thank you for this great opportunity. The shawl is stunning.
    I’m loving turquoise & brown right now. I think In bugga or skinny bugga
    would very pretty.

  20. I’d choose Byzantine and Magnolia Leaf – not my usual colours, but this stunning shawl deserves something special. Thank you for offering the opportunity to win this lovely pattern.
    janefrogged on ravelry

  21. The shawl looks wonderful, but the colors, that’s hard. I think I would go for a dark almost black blue and a royal purple. I think the contrast would be very nice.

  22. Looking at the iris in bloom in my yard, I would go with a dark and light purple combo! Flash dance and something like nostalgia.

  23. I’m really digging browns and pinks together at the moment so I’d probably go for that. I’m also a major fan of teal and light sandy brown too.

  24. Brilliant idea! And what a lovely design. My fingers are crossed, but if I don’t win I’ll have to purchase it anyway. Thanks for bringing a beautiful design and a good cause to my attention.

  25. Hi! This is beautiful, I would love to win the pattern, because I have recently decided to knit my first shawl! Thanks! glasseggshells on Ravelry

  26. BEAUTIFUL shawl! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I would use some of my extensive Madelinetosh TML stash to knit it. justrunknit on rav

  27. I just bought the perfect yarn for your scarf. It will be here on Monday or Tuesday. . .I could start it right away as I sit in the radiology office waiting for my honey (he will be fine; very small bit of cancer) and while I am giving final exams next week. Hope I win, if not I will buy.

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