Cast On Mania – one week, five projects, tons of fun

Cast On Mania projects
I had a blast with Cast On Mania! I have some great, fun projects to show for it and I even learned a few things:

  • The switch to non-garment knitting was exactly what I needed. Project variety, fun yarns, different techniques – it’s all really sparked my love for knitting.
  • If I’m going to bring these projects with me on the train then I need more knitting bags! I ordered three new ones (orange, orchid and green) from the Loopy Ewe. Great customer service and I love that my dollars are going to a small business.
  • The joins in Knit Picks needles are not smooth! I never noticed it until I ran out of 2.25mm Knit Picks needles and I had to switch to Addi Turbos. Wow what a difference. I ordered a couple pairs of ChiaoGoo Red Lace needles, also from Loopy Ewe.
  • While not really a surprise, I confirmed how much I enjoy knitting finer gauge yarns. When left to my own devices, I cast on 4 projects in sock weight and 1 project in lace weight.

And one of the best surprises, 4 out of the 6 yarns I used are stash yarns! And I bought the two new yarns to make up for not buying anything at Maryland this year. That’s right – I came home from Maryland empty handed. I did make up for it though.
So, looking back on this week I feel like I may have hit upon something with Cast On Mania. Knowing I had 5 projects to cast on freed me to pick a few things I might not have otherwise. Over the course of the week I cast on:

  • 3 socks, 1 shawl and 1 scarf
  • 2 projects with beads, 1 with twisted stitches, 1 with lace and 1 with a technique I need to hone (jogless stripes)
  • Yarn as old as 5 years ago and a new as 3 weeks ago

I’m optimistic that I’ll be successful in finishing these projects as well. When I get bored with one I’ll always have another to fall back on.
Don’t be surprised if you see the return of Cast On Mania in a few months. After a few FOs of course.

One thought on “Cast On Mania – one week, five projects, tons of fun

  1. Your blog hates me, so I will try again. :)
    I am in love with this cast on mania. There are some serious projects to love. Bonus using stash yarn always takes it to another level.

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