CO Mania Day 2

Tuesday’s cast on was simpler – a new pair of vanilla socks for Paul.
Paul socks: 2012 edition
I tried finding some nice hand dyed yarn but I couldn’t find anything manly enough. Trekking to the rescue.
I’m doing them toe up, using the same stitch counts as his last pair. I have one possible twist planned – I may do a flap heel. I did my first toe up heel flap earlier this year and I really liked the fit.
So that’s it for today – a plain, straightforward sock in old, reliable Trekking.
Stay tuned tomorrow though. I have a fun CO to share with you :)

3 thoughts on “CO Mania Day 2

  1. I am loving this cast on mania!!! I know I am late to the party, but it is fun seeing all these great projects.

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