CO Mania Day 3

Up next is a pair of rainbow stripey socks!
Stripey socks
I haven’t knit up enough for you to tell, but the yarn is Twisted Fiber Art yarn in the Roy G Biv colorway in their Kabam yarn (60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon). I split the hank in half so one sock will be ROY G and the other will be BIV. Both will be striped with the dark purple heather by Shelridge Farms.
The bamboo makes this rainbow slightly muted but it also makes it SO SOFT! It also caused the yarn to catch on the joins of my Knit Picks needles. I switched to Addi Turbos and it’s much smoother now. I occasionally catch, but not like on the Knit Picks.
I’m also trying my hand (again) at jogless stripes. I’ve yet to be successful with jogless stripes. I think this go round is better, but I’m still not quite thrilled either. I’m hoping I get better over the course of knitting these socks.

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  1. Techknitter has the best tutorial that I’ve come across yet for the ‘jogless jog’. Basically, slip the 1st stitch of the 2nd round (after you change colors). Works much better than more traditional methods.

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