CO Mania Day 4

Another day, another technique. This time, twisted stitches and beads.
I knew I wanted to try a beaded sock but I was unsure of the pattern. I came across Twinkling Trellis and then Snicket popped up on my friends’ activity. I combined the intersecting diamonds of Travelling Trellis with the twisted stitches of Snicket. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for the heel but I do have an idea for the instep.
Beaded socks
It took a couple tries to get the bead placement correct so it looks like it’s right in the center of the criss cross. I’m also using a 1mm (Size 12) crochet hook to place the beads and it splits the yarn if I’m not really careful. I need to find my slightly larger steel crochet hooks. Fortunately it’s only 9 beads every 8 rounds so it’s bareable.
And let’s just get the elephant out of the room. I do worry that beaded socks make me cross that imaginary line between obsessed and crazy-weird knitter. It probably doesn’t help that I chose Red Hat Society colors either.
I do like the look of these beads though.

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