CO Mania Day 5

Day 5 looks like an easy one, but it took quite a few tries before I got here.
I had planned all along to make Day 5 a colorwork day. I’m not good at colorwork and I want to change that. And now that I’m focusing on non-garments it seemed like the perfect time.
I really want to knit colorwork socks – there are *so many* pretty colorwork socks. But I need to improve first.
I searched through Rav and settled on Polka Dot Fingerless Mitts. I picked two colors of Koigu because I have a lot of Koigu and I’m afraid of how it will hold up as socks.
My first color choices were too similar – you barely saw the polka dots. But have no fear, you can definitely see the polka dots in my second try – in all their hideous glory.
um yeah, I need to work on my color selection
Um, no. No thank you. No way.
So I decided to go a completely different way and cast on for the Bias Before & After scarf in Creatively Dyed Waterfalls. I tried using this yarn for Nuvem earlier this year but I didn’t enjoy knitting the pattern. I’ve been trying to find a way to use up all 1,300 yards but then it dawned on me – why am I doing this? Pick a project I like and if I have a lot left over, stash it or sell it on Ravelry. So that’s what I’m going to do.
before and after scarf
It’s liberating to knit and know I absolutely, positively won’t run out of yarn – even if I decide I want to make it longer. Although I’m not sure I’ll sign up for knitting even more stockinette. It’s also a bit annoying that I haven’t even gotten as far as I did with Nuvem. I’m still using up frogged yarn. I plan to fix that today.
For those of you in the US – enjoy your Memorial Day. I’m going to make sure I do – knitting, sangria and smoked pork shoulder with grilled corn on the cob.
Knitting, drinking and barbecue – can’t get more American than that 😉