Sock yarn, I love you so

All this talk about non-garment knitting has really opened the creative floodgates! I browse my friends’ activity on Rav with another thought in mind – how could I use that stitch pattern or technique in a sock/shawl/mitten/cowl/scarf? It adds a whole new dimension to project browsing.

  • turn a stitch pattern on the bias and make it a scarf
  • rework an embossed leaf pattern onto a pair of mittens
  • take delicate ribbing from the cuff of a sweater and use it on a cowl
  • use a complex cable from an aran sweater in a wide, wrappy scarf

I think I’m going to start a bunch of pinterest boards to keep track of the inspiration. I don’t think Rav faves are quite right because it’d be hard to remember what element I liked and what I thought it would be good for.
Sock yarn scrap projects have been taunting me – sock yarn blankets and hexapuffs just kill me! And then Andi blogged about her scrap yarn and highlighted a bunch of other people’s projects. The variety of colors is so inspiring.
Back in December I was considering knitting a pair of Blender socks. This pair did me in! If I wore those socks they’d make me happy all day long.
So I pulled together some of my leftovers and came up with this selection. I think there are too many shades for one pair of blenders, but maybe I could do a cool-toned pair and a warm-toned pair. I think I’ve only finished one pair of socks this year so I need to do at least a couple more.
Blender leftovers
And lest you think it’s all daydreaming an no knitting around here, I did get another wedge done on my Wingspan.
Wingspan: 6 wedges done
It’s going to be veeeery close for me to squeeze in an eighth wedge, but if I can only do 7 I’ll be ok. And on the bright side it will let me get to some new project knitting a bit sooner. Sweet Dreams from last week’s post is high on my list. So are some new socks . But first I need to finish Wingspan. I hate knitting this yarn (but love how it looks knitted up) so I’m afraid to start anything else before it’s done. Because we all know I’ll never get back to finishing it otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Sock yarn, I love you so

  1. I had completely forgot about the blender socks, I think all those colors will be fantastic. You have a great way with color, they will work out.
    Yeah to another wedge done, boo to the yarn not being that great to work with.
    Have a great week!

  2. I’ve been recently inspired by looking at a bunch of motifs and colors, too … itching to just play around and swatch to see what I come up with. Blender socks are awesome.

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