WIP battle

I’ve been struggling with my WIPs. Specifically, the garment WIPs. I just can’t get into a groove with them.
Recently I admitted to myself that garment knitting just isn’t for me. It’s a combo of three things:

  • Stamina – it’s so hard for me to stay committed enough to finish the whole top.
  • Weight loss – this past week I hit the 50 pound mark, and I still have around 20 pounds to go. Which size do I choose to knit?
  • Silhouette and style – Being short and busty, it’s so hard to know what will look good on me without trying it on. Not very practical when you’re selecting the next pattern to knit.

So I decided this past week to just admit it – garment knitting just isn’t for me. At least not for now. And I’m OK with that. At least for now 😉
It freed me to buy some fun accessory yarns this past weekend and to look at some great new accessory patternsshawl obsession
Aren’t these gorgeous? They can be knitted in either fingering or laceweight. With or without beads. Suitable for merinos or blended with silk, bamboo or tencel. Lots of options. I can’t wait to dive in to one of these!
But first I need to finish my Wingspan. I’m done with 5 of the 8 repeats (the pic below only shows 4). It’s a fun, portable project and the yarn has been working up beautifully. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it in the fall.
Wingspan: 4 wedges done
So here are my project plans:

  • Finish Wingspan
  • Finish the Mother’s Day gift (no pics on my blog until I’m done but you can take a peek on Ravelry if you’re curious)
  • Start a shawl (maybe one of the ones above)
  • Start a sock

The whole list feels reasonable! Fun, even. I’m so happy to take garments off my knitting plate! I even have a few plans for things I’ve never done before – colorwork (I’ve played with it but never finished a project), a true laceweight project (I did a very simple laceweight shawl but I want to do something more substantial), and maybe even something with beads.
Knitting fun – who knew?

5 thoughts on “WIP battle

  1. Ah thank you for saying that about garment knitting! I have no idea why, but I feel bad that I don’t knit garments, but I have the exact same issues you do. Especially the short and bust thing, i wish I could knit and wear some of those fabulous sweaters but no go.
    Those shawls are awesome! I am going to add the second one to my Ravelry queue.
    Love your project plans.

  2. Congrats on saying goodbye to 50 pounds, and good luck on the rest. That’s an exciting achievement, even if it does create garment knitting problems. I think shawls are a perfect summer project. That grey one in the middle is my favorite.

  3. Congrats on your weight loss milestone! Glad to know that you are finding peace at knitting only what you want. Good luck with your project plans!

  4. Firstly, kudos for shedding 50 pounds! That is incredible. Secondly, isn’t it liberating to let go of WIPs that just aren’t making you happy? It’s tough to do, I admit, but we should always knit projects that make our heart (and hands) sing. Enjoy your new yarn and new projects.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! It’s so good to hear another knitter say you don’t like garment knitting. My goal this year was to make some garments. You are completely right about the sizing. I’ve done a sweater jacket in the correct gauge, followed everything perfectly. It fits but not great :( Now I’m doing something for my one day daughter in law and just hoping it fits! Not only do you have your time invested the yarn is not cheap! So now I can say I’ve done it..I’m done! :)

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