New blog, a new beginning

It's a new day ... a new beginning

OK, so I’m up and running on WordPress – finally!  I started the migration almost 2 years ago to the day.  But, I got hung up configuring permalinks to be the same as my old Movable Type ones, and I gave up.  Although I love technology, when given a choice between troubleshooting something that already works versus knitting – knitting won.

But with the long weekend coming up I decided to give it another try.  I opened up a ticket with my hosting provider – LivingDot – and whaddya know.  Someone answered my ticket who knew how to fix my issue.  Woot!

So I’m finally on WordPress.

  • I have an HTML editor that works properly.
  • I have sidenav items for my recent FOs and tutorials.
  • I have an archives page that makes sense.
  • And if I want to update any of it – I make one change and everything updates.
  • I have an easier way to manage comment spam.
  • While I was at it I updated my blog roll.  I hadn’t really updated it in several years, so you’ll probably see some new blogs.  Check them out!  They all give me great inspiration and motivation.

OK, enough of that distraction.  Now back to the knitting.

ps – let me know if you find anything funky


2 thoughts on “New blog, a new beginning

  1. Ooohh..I think I like it a whole lot! The new design shows off your projects beautifully. Of course with that gorgeous shawl as the header, how can you go wrong?
    Great look Jody!

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