And now for that red yarn…

A couple weeks back I fessed up that I was craving some sweater knitting.  I even teased you with some red yarn earmarked for a project for me.

In true fashion, I chose and re-chose the project.  Then, last Tuesday, Bonne Marie Burns came out with a new cardi – Elisbeth – and I fell hard.

I saw it on Wednesday and wanted to cast on right. now.  But I waited a day just to make sure the euphoria didn’t pass.  It didn’t.

Elisbeth Start

Here I am with one full repeat of the cables done.  It’s bottom up, seamless construction.  The sleeves are picked up at the armholes and knit down.  There are options for both short sleeves and long sleeves.  Right now I’m thinking short, but I have plenty of yarn for long.

The yarn is Berroco Vintage in Crimson (5154).  It’s such an easy-to-knit yarn.

As for the cables – yum!  Bonne Marie planned the cables out to repeat over the same number of rows, making it easy to keep track.  I did have a bit of trouble executing that small cable flanking the main cable.  If you look at the first repeat you’ll notice that the cable doesn’t pull in as much as future repeats do.  And surprisingly, this is a cable that I really need a cable needle for.  I usually cable without a cable needle, but there’s some decent calisthenics going on with this cable.  I love the look though.

And speaking of love – I’m loving this sweater knitting too.  I still have a bit of anxiety over sizing given my slow weight loss, but I’ve (mostly) come to terms with the fact that this may only last two seasons.  As for now, I’m hoping one of those seasons will include wearing it on the fairgrounds at Rhinebeck 2012.


10 thoughts on “And now for that red yarn…

  1. Gorgeous color and choice of pattern! Not to be a spoilsport but is there an error in the cable photo left? Hope not for your sake but better to find it early!

  2. I fell hard for those patterns too. I have a few projects that need to be finished, but I may have to start planning my next one. Your sweater looks wonderful so far!

  3. I agree, Vintage is such a great yarn to knit with.
    I love that sweater, the pattern is perfect for that color and it will be so beautiful when you are done!

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