Check your logic at the door

Remember all those posts about how sweater knitting just doesn’t work for me?  Yeah, well – fall is coming.  And I just can’t get away from the call of sweater knitting.

Sweater Yarn

That’s 10 hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (bought 3? 4? years ago) for Paul and 8 hanks of Berroco Vintage for me.

Dylan Goes Electric: start

I cast on for Paul’s sweater last weekend – Dylan Goes Electric from IK Summer 2005.  The first hank knit up quickly and I’m already on hank two.  I have no illusions – at some point this project will become the bane of my knitting, so I’m taking advantage of the new-knit excitement.

And once that newness fades, I have some Berroco Vintage (in first pic above) at the ready for me.

It’s been a long time since I last posted but I have been collecting links.  Here are some links from a few weeks ago.

Link love:


5 thoughts on “Check your logic at the door

  1. I must say Berroco Ultra Alpaca is the perfect sweater yarn. It knits up like a dream. Yeah to the call of sweater knitting. It will be brilliant!
    Love the link loves! That Mexican shawl has Jody written all over it.

  2. I look forward to seeing your progress! I don’t knit very fast but once I finish all the projects that are on my “list” now, I really look forward to knit a sweater! The one you chose for your man is beautiful!

  3. Great to see you get back into sweater knitting! That’s beautiful yarn and pattern. Remember the Audrey I was going to knit (even wound up two skeins of yarn for it)? Seeing your sweater progress will help motivate me with that project.

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