Yeah, I have one sock done already

I can’t believe it either.  This pattern and yarn just took over and I was obsessed.  The three-day weekend didn’t hurt either, but even without it this sock worked up fast.

Coupling - first sock done

I knit the sock as tall as I can comfortably wear and I still didn’t get to the white part of the transition.  You can see a little white at the very top.

I also made a few mods

  • I cast on 12 sts per needle with Judy’s Magic Cast On.  I worked incs every rnd until 20 sts, and then every other rnd until 28.  Then I worked plain st st until the toe measured 2″.
  • The socks were written for bigger needles but I like my socks knitted tightly so I added 4 sts on the sole.  I did 2 rnds of incs and placed each in 1 st out from the center of the sole.
  • Then, I followed the heel instructions for the high instep (where it just so happens you have 4 extra sts).
  • Once I knitted a few reps on the leg I could see that the sock would stretch a lot as it got further up my leg.  So I increased the lace stitch pattern from 7 sts to 9 sts.  I put together a couple charts in case anyone wants to do this mod in the future (see below).
  • Then, I did a k2 p1 rib at the top.  K2 p1 rib is my favorite sock ribbing.  I set the ribbing up so the 2 knit sts flowed from the 2 decs on rnd 9.
  • And finally, I did Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.  It was my first time using this bind off and I love it!  Stretchy and it doesn’t flare when not being stretched.  That’s always been my peeve with other toe-up bind offs – they stretch, but when they’re relaxed they flare.

Here are the charts I used to increase from 7 sts to 9 sts.  I did this at 4.5 reps.  You can do it at any point on rnd 5.

Setup chart (5 rnds, starting at rnd 5)

Coupling Widening - Setup

New chart (10 rnds starting at rnd 1)

Coupling Chart - 72 sts

7 thoughts on “Yeah, I have one sock done already

  1. Love! I did the Super Stretchy bind off on my Whisper cardigan– the collar calls for a stretchy bind off. I really like it. We’re going out to brunch today and I may try to wear the sweater.

    Love the sock.

  2. I love the transition, and I’m not talking about the color (though it’s lovely) it’s the pattern widening that looks just right. You have to look for it to actually see it, it’s very professional.

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