Giving Thanks and Paying it Forward

Martha Stewart Blues
A couple week ago, Sam posted about a blanket drive she’s hosting for the hospice that cared for her dad.  She knows first hand how appreciated and loved these blankets are.  I read the description and I was hooked.  I wanted to donate a few squares for this very worthy cause.

And let’s be honest – I didn’t balk at the excuse to buy more yarn.

One of the blankets will be out of coastal blues so I picked up three machine washable balls of yarn.  I don’t often knit in these shades so it will be a nice departure for me.

I plan to cast on this weekend.  The only requirement is that the squares are 9″ x 9″.  I think I’ll stay with simple stitch patterns so they work well with the other squares.  Maybe a simple cable?  I think I’ll thumb through a few of my stitch pattern books to see if I can find anything basic enough but interesting to knit.  The opportunity to knit something small without regard for how it would work in a larger garment/accessory really expands the possibilities!

Leave a comment on Sam’s blog if you’re interested.  She has 4 blankets going right now – the coastal blues, sock yarn squares, a log cabin and a cream with color accents (this last one is being knit in the UK).

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