Ooh Shiny!

I’m in a Cast On sorta mood lately.  And get this – none of my active projects are from Rhinebeck yarn.

I did start my Color Affection but decided the shape wasn’t right for me.  I just don’t use half-circle shawls.  As much as I love the Citron I made a couple years ago – the only time I use it is around the house when I’m really cold.  Triangle and oblong shapes work better for me – 95% of the time I’m wearing them wrapped around my neck like a scarf.

Instead, I’m considering two Color-Affection-gone-triangle shawls:

2-color shawl options
Some days I think “Zephyr Cove is it!” and other days “How could I not do Cameo?”.  Analysis Paralysis.  Long time readers will recall I go through bouts of this.  St. Brigid – need I say more.

But that hasn’t stopped me from casting on.  A lot.

First up – Honey Cowl – in some deep stash Pigeonroof Studios merino silk.  Great depth of color and easy train knitting.

Honey Cowl - 1 skein done


And then we have the lovely Pogona – in 2 skeins of MadTosh Tosh Merino Light – Black Currant colorway.  My plan is to make it larger so I can take it with me to restaurants or at the office.  I was an a mad hunt for this colorway and found it at Whit Knits.  Awesome customer service.  I ordered just before Hurricane Sandy and she contacted me to ask when I’d like it shipped, including offering me the option to cancel the order (nowayiwantmyyarn!) if I was affected.  I searched a lot of online shops before finding Whit Knits but it won’t be my last time ordering from them.  And bonus – they have a fabulous stock of Madeline Tosh yarns.

Pogona Nov 5

And then finally, I started a Sempervivum for my mom out of some more deep stash Cormo in a very light fingering weight.  Again, I want to make it as big as possible so I’m modifying the pattern to be top-down.  So far so good but I have a long way to go.
Sempervivum Nov 4

You’d be correct if you observed a noticeable dearth of socks.  I’m on a shawl/cowl kick but give it a few days and I’m sure I’ll wax poetic about the sock knitting.

Knitters – we are a fickle bunch.

4 thoughts on “Ooh Shiny!

  1. Those pinky purple projects have me drooling. Such wonderful colours. I can see why you go back and forth between the 2 shawl patterns. I’m leaning towards the Zephyr cove – love the picot detail. But both are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of casting on! If you’re still debating on your shawl, I like the second one, but maybe that’s just because I like the colors in the photo.

  3. I love Cameo but that’s just me :). Lovely projects and you have been really busy casting on. Sometimes I think cooler weather brings out the need to knit more and I find myself considering a few more projects as well.

  4. I love it when you are in the ‘Cast on Mood’!!!
    Love everything you have cast on. I really like the Cameo, but then again like you I would change my mind tomorrow.
    We are such knitting twins. I am in the shawl mood lately as well. Socks are being neglected. :)

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