If at first you don’t succeed

I started Elisbeth back in August. I made great progress and quickly knitted through a skein and a half.

It looked like it might be larger than what I needed. I measured and yep – too big.

So it sat. And sat. And sat.

elisbeth pre-rip

Then I realized that the design looks very similar to a new favorite cardi that I bought for work (mine is in black).  That was just the push I need to finally rip out the 9 inches and start again with a smaller size. I’m doing a combo of 2 sizes smaller at the hips and one size smaller at the bust. My sizing issues were caused by my not knowing my current measurements. I thought I knew but the weight loss changed my measurements even more than I thought.

Obviously not a bad problem to have.

Two good things have happened with the redo:

  • I figured out a better way to knit the coin cables.  Much tidier.
  • The reknitted rows are shorter since I’m working it two sizes smaller.

There’s been a ton of new designs and projects out in the past couple weeks.  Here are a few of my new faves:

cowls dec 23

  • Monika made some of the most gorgeous handspun I’ve ever seen.  She combined several small samples of various fibers in shades of pink, red, yellow, orange and almost-black.  This almost makes me want to try spinning.
  • A Noble Cowl – A cowl with a pretty lace pattern.  What makes it notable is that it’s designed to be folded over a pinned with your favorite shawl pin.  A great way to add a little bling.
  • Replier – an oversized cowl (more like a shoulder warmer) with deep smocking stitches for cozy warmth.  Fancy hooks and eyes fasten it around your neck.
  • Treillage – another fastened cowl, this one with deep, cushy cables.