Use It or Lose It

use it or lost it yarn

shockingly I see a lot of pink, red, purple and green

Have you seen talk about Use It or Lose It on the Stash and Burn board?  13 projects in 12 months – a new one every four weeks.  With that in mind, most (all?) need to be fairly small.  And given I haven’t finished a garment in over two years that’d be prudent.  Necessary even.

Let’s not mention that I didn’t even finish 13 projects in 2012.  Logic be damned.

I know myself well enough to avoid pre-selecting all 13 projects.  I only finished 6 projects in 2012.  If I’m going to have any chance of getting 13 done (plus a few in newer yarn) I need to go with my emotions – and pick projects I’m obsessed with at the time.

But I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have umpteen projects in mind that might be THE one.  And if I didn’t include a few garments (the last two on the list).

  1. Looped Loop cowl – in Tess Supersock in blues and greens or Noro Silk Garden Light in Blue and Lime Green.
  2. Ellis Baby Dress in Louet Gems Opal in Pink Panther
  3. Japanese Butterfly Neckwarmer – in Just Our Yarn Caravan – the wool and camel would be great next to the skin.
  4. Dandelion Days is another cowl I’d love to knit and wear.  And it’s also out of sock yarn.
  5. Beauchamp cowl also out of 2 skeins of Koigu.  This would be a great project to practice my stranded knitting.
  6. More squares for my sock yarn blanket.  I bought 7 skeins of handdyed to start and I’ve only knitted one so far.  Here’s the rest.  I know that won’t be enough for a full blanket but I didn’t want to buy all the yarn until I made some progress.
  7. Something out of my Black Bunny Fibers sock flats.  I have two – blue/green/yellow/orange and a pink/red/yellow/chartreuse
  8. (not my) handspun, navajo-plied self-striping yarn.  I was obsessed with this yarn when I bought it but lost all excitement for it.  I know I’ll love wearing the socks.  Here’s a pair of socks knitted up in the same colorway – these were the socks that made me buy the yarn.
  9. Firefly bag in Burgundy Tahki Cotton Classic.
  10. Socks.  So many socks to choose from.  I have almost 100 faved sock patterns in Ravelry, and every day new patterns come out that I want to try.  And we all know that I have a lot of sock yarn.
  11. A pair of mittens out of blue/green Cascade 220.  I have so many to choose from.
  12. A scarf out of doubled laceweight in a textured, rippled all-over cable pattern.  I started one a few years back but the color is awful for me.  I bought 7 skeins of Tess laceweight in 2007 and have started so many projects with the yarn, but nothing’s stuck.
  13. Cece cardi in dark red Hempathy
  14. Cerisara in eggplant Euroflax Linen

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