An FO and a whole lotta CO

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here – lots of cooking, lots of casting on and even another FO.

First, the FO – a pair of socks for Paul.

paul socks lounging

Pattern: My basic toe-up recipe – 10/24/36; used Wendy’s toe-up slip stitch heel.  Awesome heel – no picking up of stitches.  Used a 2×1 rib for the leg and JSSBO.

Yarn: Trekking XXL in color #491 – 390 yards

Needles: ChiaoGoo 2.25 mm 24″ circular (I knit magic loop with one 24″ circular because I hate sliding work along a longer cable)

I’m very happy to get these off the needles.  If you recall, I started these during last year’s cast on mania (remember that?).

And then the cast on items…

Cinnie, Sister Joan and Lazy Girl

Cinnie cardi – in Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy.  Choosing the size was difficult.  Hemp and cotton stretch out and lose their shape and my size is still changing (in the happy direction!).  If I got the sizing right *and* I finish I’ll wear this a lot (sundresses, skirts and tanks, jeans and a T).

Sister Joan shawl – in years-old stashed Schaefer Anne.  I’m having fun with the beads!

Lazy Girl shawl – in the Dragonfly Fibers I bought last month at Vogue Knitting Live.  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with this one.  Not sure this is satisfying my garter stitch need.

I’ve been enjoying picking up different project depending on my mood and my ability to concentrate (or need for something mindless).  For the time being I decided to embrace my love for red/pink/purple so be prepared for something non-red/pink/purple to crop up sometime soon.  I’m nothing if not predictable in my dislike of predictability.  I can’t win.

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