60s with a chance of cowl

Close-fitted cowl

I’ve been wanting a well-fitting cowl for a while now. It was windy, snowy and in the 20s this week. I needed a cowl.

I did umpteen searches on Ravelry but didn’t find exactly what I wanted – a close-fitting cowl with a pretty lace inset, but not too lacy so the wind doesn’t blow right through it. And it needs to flare out so it doesn’t bunch up.  Since I couldn’t find THE ONE I decided to make one up.

I’ve knit 3 inches so far and I like it OK. Why does it take so long to tell if a knitting project is going to work?

Close-fitted cowl

I do like the lace pattern, but I fear the yarn is too dark to really see it well. It is pretty yarn though – I love the dye job and the merino, cashmere, nylon of the Bugga yarn is cushy and soft. So I’ll cross my fingers and keep on knitting.

It’s going to be in the 60s this week.  I’m hopeful I’ll be done before the 70° weather sets in.

A girl can dream.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

5 thoughts on “60s with a chance of cowl

  1. It will be done and be fab! I think the beautiful rich purple looks great with the lace pattern. Can’t go wrong with Bugga!
    Happy knitting. :)

  2. The colours in this yarn are soo pretty and do not distract from the lace. I think it is going to be fabulous. Get those needles click clacking ; o))

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