Something Old, Something (Sorta) New

palm beach sock #1

I finished the first sock from the sock flat that I started a few weeks ago.  It needs to be blocked – it’s a bit crumply from knitting with the crimped yarn.  But it is pretty.

I’m in love.  The colors are very different for me and I love that.  Turquoise, yellow, orange and blue – all colors outside of my comfort zone.  And if you’re going to venture outside of your comfort zone, sock knitting is a great way to go.

pretty awesome yarn pouch - lace

Then, I got an email about the Pretty Awesome Yarn Pouch by HeartStrings.  It only takes about 125 yards of fingering weight, uses a small amount of beads and has some lace knitting.  I couldn’t resist and I cast on with a skein of yarn I bought at the 2005 Stitches East show (yes – it’s 8 years old!).  I’ve knitted through the lace part and just have the simple openwork to go for the bag.

I think I’m going to line it with a silky fabric – both to help the yarn not get caught on the bag and as another decorative touch.  This is a quick knit and I think I’ll be done by next weekend.  Yay for the quick knit project!

Have a fabulous week and I’ll catch you on the purl side (maybe with an FO?).

5 thoughts on “Something Old, Something (Sorta) New

  1. I don’t think the socks look crumply at all. They look fab to me! When it comes to socks, I love to knit out of my color comfort zone.
    The lace is beautiful!

  2. You could not have said it more perfectly — the best place to knit outside of one’s comfort zone is within sock knitting. Love, love, love your colorful sock!

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