Just one more week

Until Maryland Sheep & Wool 2013.  I thought I’d be taking it easy on the shopping given I bought yarn just a few weeks ago, but I’m thinking otherwise :)

I recently discovered my love for the Citron I knit back in 2010.  Truth be told, I’ve rarely worn the shawl since finishing it.  I typically wear them under jackets, bandit-style – and Citron was just too big.

But last week I realized it’s the perfect chase-away-the-chill-in-the-office topper.  And now I want a dozen different large shawls to keep in rotation.

Looking at my sock yarn though, I typically buy just enough for a pair of socks or a shawlette.  That won’t do for a larger shawl.

So, I have a couple options

  • buy larger quantities of sock yarn – feels like a very slippery slope
  • or, find some shawl patterns that use more than one color of yarn

And while I’m at it, I’d like to bring in more non-pink/purple/red. You all know there’s no shortage of those colors around here. Just look at a tiny portion of my stash.

pink and purple sock yarn

Here are some options I found that only take 1 skein of each color (except for Line Break, which I left in there because I think it will be versatile and worthy of buying 2 hanks of yarn).

shawl optionsWe have a whole lotta Veera here:

I’m trying to go outside my color comfort zone, but still make something I’d enjoy wearing – and something that coordinates with my wardrobe.  A couple non-pink/purple/red colors come to mind:

  • teal
  • green
  • black and white (and maybe gray)
  • accents of chartreuse or orange

It’s been a while since I’ve planned out my purchases for a festival.  Now the trick is to see if I use this to help decide what to buy.

Or do I come home with 3 more hanks of pink yarn?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

3 thoughts on “Just one more week

  1. I say buy the yarn colors that you love at MSW. Life is too short. Knit with the color you love.
    Wow, you have some great shawl ideas. My vote is for Different Lines!

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