Cast On Mania Day 3: Regia Jacquard Socks

Regia Super Jacquard Color 4 ply - start

After yesterday’s sock, I knew I needed a simple, grab-and-go sock on the needles.  This yarn has been singing at me ever since I got it last month.  They’re my colors (look – they almost match the blog) and I love the easy care of Regia.

I’m doing my typical toe-up with Wendy’s slip stitch heel on a ChiaoGoo 2.25 circ.

Regia Super Jacquard Color 4 ply - cast on yarn

One thing I did do differently this time – I took a pic of the yarn just before casting on so I would know where the yarn was in the color progression.  I’d like to match the two socks.  I’ve used my phone a lot for taking pattern notes but never a pic – I prefer the crisper look from my camera.  But this came in handy so I could cast on at the bar and not fret about how to match up sock two.

Easy sock knitting, hanging out at the bar (gotta make the most of a 57 degree day at the shore).  A perfect vacation day.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

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