Cast On Mania Day 5: Medallion Lace Socks

Medallion Lace Socks - start

I wanted a different type of sock pattern on the needles for my final cast on, and these socks fit the bill.  I like working the lace but there’s enough rhythm to the pattern that I don’t have to check the chart much.

It’s a big repeat – 28 rounds – so what you see here is just one full repeat.  I love those types of patterns; it makes the knitting go by quickly.  Really quickly.  And the pattern is one of those that needs some blocking to relax – right now it has a bit of an egg crate look to it.

The yarn – Brown Sheep Wildfoote –  was bought on our honeymoon a few years ago.  I discovered it in my sock yarn bin and realized I had never added it to Ravelry.  This is my first time using this yarn and so far I’m not loving it.  It’s splitty and I have to fight with it a bit when doing decreases.  For now, I think I’d stick with Trekking or Regia for solid-colored, machine-made yarns because both of them have a tighter twist.

For now I’m sticking with this though.  Famous last words, right?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

3 thoughts on “Cast On Mania Day 5: Medallion Lace Socks

  1. Boo for splitty yarns. It is a pretty colour though, and I think the lace pattern is cute. If you can persevere with the yarn, I think these will be lovely x

  2. I’ve had the same experience with Wildfoot, too, so you’re not alone. Like the pattern though!

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