Cast On Mania Returns

Cast On Mania yarn

Some of you probably remember cast on mania from last year. While on my May vacation I started 5 new projects. It was a ton of fun and I even got a couple FOs out of the deal – the Sweet Dreams Shawl and Paul’s 2012 socks.

With all the yarn buying around these parts lately combined with this year’s vacation – I’ve decided to do another Cast On Mania. I have the yarn, I’m chomping at the bit to cast on all the things and oh yeah – it’s my vacation and I want to.  (dangling participle be damned)

I’ve bought enough yarn for at least 10 projects recently and I have most of my 2012 Rhinebeck yarn in the stash too. There’s no shortage of possibilities. Here are a few. And yes I did pack all that yarn and bring it to the hotel.  Full disclosure – this is only half of what I brought.  Gotta love car trips – no worries about baggage or weight limits.

Cast On Mania projects

Don’t look at me that way. You do it too.

I’ve already started a couple of the projects and I’ll be back tomorrow to share my first one. I’m such a tease.

Oh and if you’re reading this in your blog reader, click on the post to stop by the site. The old blog got a little facelift this past week.  Let me know if you see anything funky.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

4 thoughts on “Cast On Mania Returns

  1. You know I am not looking at you in any judgemental way. As you are my inspiration for my own cast on mania. :)
    Love all the beauties you took with you. Hope you have the best vacation!

  2. I have a partner in crime! I’ve got five projects going and it’s fun to take turns working on each one. Love the new look to your blog and hope you have a great vacation!

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